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“If HH wants to campaign, he should wait for 2021 as opposed to campaigning in church”.

It’s unacceptable `for HH to start campaigning when the Electoral Commission of Zambia has not opened campaigns for 2021, Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said. Speaking at the PF Secretariat in Lusaka yesterday after meeting the PF Secretary General, Mr Mwamba condemned UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for going to church on Sunday in the province he does not stay without getting clearance from the police.

GBM said HH is a stubborn man who should not be allowed to campaign anywhere in Zambia before 2021 as he was desperate to become President at all costs. He said if HH wants to campaign, he should wait for 2021 as opposed to campaigning in church. Mr Mwamba said he was of the view that police should have just arrested HH right in church to send a clear signal to desperate politicians that campaigns have not yet started and that lawlessness does not pay.

The Former Defense Minister also said he was aware that HH was feeling his weight as he has lost more than 5000 UPND members to PF ever since he rejoined the ruling party. Meanwhile, GBM told PF Secretary General that he will continue mobilizing the party using his own money ahead of the 2021 General Elections so that HH is not given chance to enter State House.

Last Sunday in Ndola, Police stormed the catholic church in an attempt to arrest the UPND Leader as he allegedly had no police permit to attend church services on the Copperbelt.



  1. GBM, what are you doing addressing meetings meant to “destroy” the UPND and HH? Is that not campaigning? You are such a hypocrite. What about all the campaign materials Lungu has already bought for 2021 and displaying them? Is that not campaigning? Zambians are watching you and weighing you on a scale of integrity, character, intelligence, stature among others and you have been found to be a lightweight.

    • Boss, you can tell this traitor of a fat Albert those wise summarized words again and and again, if he’s not careful hell end up like the latest version of Daniel Munkombwe

  2. Mr Nowhere Man G.B. Mwamba’s obsession with wanting to destroy UPND just shows that he is big in stature but very minute on intellect. I shudder to think of what would have happened with Nowhere Man as Vice President had UPND won in 2016. The man is just an empty vessel who can’t talk sense but only spews out lies, hatred, tribalism and insults. I’m waiting for the day when the UPND will be wiped out through Mwamba’s efforts. I’m going to sleep now and may someone wake me up when that happens.

  3. Comment: Mwamba, are you sure you are still normal? When adresing people talk more on problem solving and not on personal attacks people are analysing you

  4. A finished giant but no good norns. Mwamba gbm thinks will Lungu’s running mate. Hatred will make you burst and that is why Mumbi Phiri used to insult you. Now that you have joined the camp of your behavior likings, so is what you are.

  5. Comment:speeches of hate. who doesn’t know what you are up to. people of Zambia watch out for politicians like GBM who are small in thinking. Do not be cheated once more. GBM talked I’ll of of using the same language. he has no integrity. shame upon him.

  6. A normal creature must have a proportionate or equal body. When the head goes through a needle hole, the rest of the body should also be able. Microcephaly is when the head is far smaller than expected. It is an abnormality that affects the brain.

  7. GBM is singing for “Kasaka kandalama” which was given to him to leave and de-campaign HH and UPND during the 2021 Election. Zambians should take Note of GBM’s betrayal and vote accordingly. GBM has rejoined the “kabwalalas” and thieves. Zambians know who to vote for in 2021.

  8. Koma Zoona Gbm Ndiwe Nyama Ya Muntu, You Don’t Know What Is Happening In Your Brains, Ask Your Neighbour About Your Mental Status, You Will Hear That You Are Not Yourself. Pf And Lungu Have Failef This Nation, HH Is Zambia’s Choice, Note This. The Wind Can Tell.

  9. It is true that wisedom comes from God and not money. He is broke and frustrated to see that his money is finished and seeing that HH still stands strong financially and politicaly so is GBM’s hatred and stinking jeolousy.

  10. Actually this free publicity GBM is according to HH is making HH more likable by people on the grass roots because GBM keeps contradicting himself, today he says that he was never been accorded a chance to eat together with HH then tomorrow he says it is actually him who bought food for HH, then he says that he does not need a position in PF when at the same time he cries that he was not accorded a chance to act as president in UPND, the guy is a sprinkler, he is just sprinkling all over the show, he says he was not respected in UPND when he was actually holding position number two in UPND. this Guy has no morals and he is never thankful. The business connections that he has in South Africa today were made by HH when GBM’s business was frozen in Zambia, yet he is still crying.

  11. To be PF you also have to inherit ignorance. Who says the laws of Zambia stops anybody from campaigning at any time at all? Is there anywhere in the laws of Zambia where campaigns are illigal unless the campaign period is announced? HH was not even campaigning in church he was attending church. He has the right to worship. He can also use his right to worship enshrined in the Constitution of Zambia. What has GBM know for him to talk about arresting HH? GBM you are a lier. Nobody is leaving UPND to follow you. Your project is a failed one. Bwesha fye ndalama shabene walibeshiba abo ba kaponya banobe efyo baaba bakakunyokwela pa ndalama shabo wapokele.For your information, HH is an elder of the seventh day adventist and the man is a true christian not some of you who attend church because of your official duties after that you go to Ndozo to drink and be with concubines. The following day you are folding arms like you are holy. We know you. HH can be anywhere in Zambia without a permit. Say you are not just happy because the people of the Copperbelt had told him to be strong because they are tired with this PF government. You should have been there to see how Zambians left whatever they were doingaqt their houses to run to the road to line up to show UPND symbol and shout words of displeasure with the PF government to HH. If you wanted to arrest him out of jelousy of the good job he did on the Copperbelt, then we would understand because we know what type of government you are.

  12. i am bigining to dislike this 200kg waste of material . is this the way he was promising people that he is going to finish upnd. by what means. so far he has finished himself , may his wife and children advise this big fool that even pf will soon ignore him cos pf has bigger problems than hh . he is just de campaigning pf. people of zambia have already made up their minds just like they made during the time of mr m. sata may his soul rest in peace . many people were saying he will never enter state house but what happened. thanks to this fool for helping to campaign for hh something that he lacked when he was vip in upnd.


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