Lukashya. Wed. Sept 16, 2020.

Ba Lungu baleteka, ifipuba filetalika!

Smart Eagles Reporter

Patriotic Front Secretary General, Hon. Davis Mwila has challenged United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema to respond honestly to some very serious questions that the Zambian people are seeking answers to such as his involvement in the sell of Intercontinental hotel among other things.

Hon. Mwila said anyone seeking for public office would naturally be subjected to an intergrity test which they need to pass.

He said President Lungu is presiding over a corruption allergic government and that even his Ministers had to appear before the courts of law to prove their innocence.

He said the narrative by the opposition that PF and its leaders are corrupt is a calculated attempt by the opposition to scanderlise the ruling government in order to derail the development agenda but that the PF was well aware of the cheap politics by the opposition and refused to be swayed.

He said whilst the President was busy leading, fool’s where busy politicking.

“Bakateka bale bomba, ifi puba, filetalika!” he said.

He urged the People of Lukashya to choose development over rhetoric by voting for George Chisanga tomorrow.

He was speaking at a rally at Chisanga Primary School grounds in Lukashya constituency this afternoon where he was drumming up support for George Chisanga.



  1. Ba Mwila many Zambians ste praying for HH to be our next president. Were these questions put to ECL when he was aspiring for the position of head of state? Find something else to talk about thsn the privatisation nonsense that happened about 25 or more years ago. Ok what plans has the president got for the recovery of our finished economy? Many questions can be asked of you too sir.

  2. Isn’t he as dull as he looks?
    This is how people fail exams!
    What further answers do you need on Nawakwindi’s Emotional lies when HH himself has given documents as evidence against Nawakwindi? Don’t you know how to read or search for information? Have you personally gone to the Courts, PACRA and Ministry of lands to verify your careless claims? Would HH be wrong
    to sue you for $3m also?
    What we want are answers why the Kwacha is in free fall despite Copper prices rising. Piyef should not blame Zambians for going with Bally. He is the only politician addressing Economic issues! The rest are just out to spread COVID, violence, hatred and malice!
    Grow up!

  3. Umulembwe wachipuba bupwila muli “Tumfweko!”
    Who in the MMD government were the signatories to this Agreement with Canadian Mining firms that condemned Zambia to Royalty taxes of 0.6%? Listen to this 2011 FQM response:

    First Quantum said it would have “no choice” but to take legal action if a new tax regime breached the agreement it signed during the privatization process.

    Lazy LAZ, can you help your country to stop fighting an innocent person. Nawakwi and MMD were cheated into signing an agreement without reading, thereby condemning Zambia to low mine taxes of 0.6%! If PF really wanted the truth, which is not the case, they would have summoned the accuser Nawakwi for interrogation and cross examination.
    It was a big mistake for her to have been appointed to that Ministry! She messed us up! I now understand why Jesus did not appoint ladies among the 12 Disciples! Nawakwi just acted because IMF and World Bank said so without even consulting the citizens! How dare she opens her dirty mouth to waste our time with her baseless accusations! Zambians also must wake up! Never trust these politicians. We should demand that major decisions like these should be tabled before the citizens! We can’t even trust Parliament to do anything sensible.
    We were screwed by Chiluba and his concubine Nawakwi!
    Shameful how she has the guts to bathe naked when she lives in a glass house!

  4. Davis, can you concetrate on economy,load shedding, free fail kwacha to a dollar? bad roads.Than to be talking about one individual. This shows, how dull you are.

  5. Mr. Davies Mwila, can i remind you that HH has explained beyond expectation, what his role in the privatization was. You continue to say explain, explain, explain what? The majority of Zambians are satisfied with his explanation and are no longer interested in it. HH has gone to court and you still make comments on an issue which is in court.And your boss says if the police or other agents say they want to investigate HH he will agree because the Zambians want their money. The question is which Zambians? Zambians are interested in improvement in their standard of living, high prices of commodities, poverty levels, improvement of dollar kwacha rate, load shedding, corruption, toll gate money accounting, debt burden, etc.
    It is the PF pushing for HH probe not the Zambian people. All the PF want is to prevent HH from standing for election in 2021. PF are sure that Bill 10 will not go through therefore need to start something else that will knock off HH from the polls. Everything is laid bare for Zambians to see. My passionate appeal is please, be advised that we do not want a civil war in Zambia. The country is already divided which will aid animosity for conflict. Weapons alone is not enough to stop a conflict of that magnitude. Think about the damage it wil cause. Such a conflict will engulf the whole country and it will be difficult quell.
    Please listen to what HH has explained, verify his explanation with facts at the ZPA if it is correct.Probing HH under this era of politicization of institutions of governance will not be free and fair. The lawyer for privatization also was involved. E.C.L must be saying all of us who were involved in privatization must be probed. He is speaking on this matter as if he has forgotten that he was also involved. A true leader must be fare. Election of eliminating opponents from competing is not good. You may be made to account for your deeds in future.


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