Opposition UPND Leader Hakainde HICHILEMA says calls by some UPND members for a change of leadership in the party are cheap propaganda.

Mr Hichilema said that all UPND members are aware that the party will hold its party convention when the right time comes.

In an interview with PHOENIX NEWS, Mr HICHILEMA said that the members who have been calling for a change of leadership in the UPND are been sponsored by the ruling party to stir in the confusion.

Meanwhile Mr HICHILEMA says that the party losing Chilanga Parliamentary By-Election has nothing to do with the choice of the candidate but the stiff competition between the two candidates.


  1. Ba Boss, you are the only opposition President PF fears. Do not listen to PF sponsored propaganda. Aba bantu their priority is self preservation and are exploiting the high poverty levels to buy Councillors and sponsor violence. Whether they like it or not they will exit power and we shall make them account for the misdeeds. PF would want a weak opposition President to boost their chances of continuing to rig elections. Ukuboko pantanshi HH!

    • Heheh I see a slight change in hh, for the first time he has accepted that they have lost!!!! This is good for his heart

  2. PF sponsored puppets are just wasting their time you had a meeting at state house to propagate this stupid propaganda you were even aiming at buying two MPs to be in the fire front calling for a congress for Upnd with no shame you have stolen and made the economy to be in icu talk to your Mutawari to resign on moral ground he has completely failed he stole HH victory and is stiff scared of immediate arrest once he leaves power!!!!hence the call for Propaganda that won’t work we love HH WE TRUST HH WE SEE A FUTURE IN HH ZAMBIA FORWARD REMOVE THE SPECK FROM YOUR EYES BEFORE YOU TALK OF OTHERS SHAME ON PUPPETS SPONSORED IDIOTS

  3. Bwana HH your members are free to talk, only that you speculate/suspect them as such when they thought about it themselves. Read between lines. You have lost so many times. Cramp down. Is there democracy in your party?? I doubt.

    • Senior Bruno. We still have HH as our candidate! No amount of pressure from PF will make us change! Bruno? What democracy is in PF.What happened in Kabwe when PF had a sham of a convention is far from being classified as democracy.Lifting up hands to vote for your president!What happened to people who spoke about Edgar’s eligibility for 2021. They have been ejected from PF. Where are Scott, Kambwili and Kalaba!


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