Hakainde Hichilema has congratulated Zed Hip Hop trailblazer Slapdee on being recognized by CNN as one of Africa’s 10 biggest musical stars.

The opposition leader took to Facebook to show some love to ‘King Dizzo’, further noting that Zambian artists have the talent but need support and encouragement to make it on the world stage.

Below is what Hichilema wrote:

Big ups to Mwila Musonda, aka Slap Dee, on being named among CNN’s list of Africa’s biggest music stars.

Even more encouraging that you are using your record label to raise donations for local orphanages and children’s hospitals.

We have consistently said that our young people are very talented in various fields and all they need is support and encouragement to make it on world stage.

We once more call on our artists to endeavour use their talent to promote national causes and national unity than dividing our citizens.

Hope and Help na Lesa pa ntashi is on the way for every artist in our country.

Once more, congratulations King Dizzo.

“Hope and help is on the way for Zambian artists”




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