UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says it is shocking that certain opposition parties have continued to attack him.

In an interview, Hichilema wondered why some opposition leader had continued to attack him when the “destruction” of the country’s economy was done by the PF.

When asked why he thought some opposition leaders had continued de-campaigning him, Hichilema said it was because they were beneficiaries of the economic “mess” the country was in.

“They are beneficiaries of a country which is in a mess like now. One, they are beneficiaries, they are surrogates of the PF, why would you attack HH who is not in government? Is HH responsible for the high price of fertilizer? No! We are offering a K250 price of fertilizer, we know the true value of fertilizer. If they are bringing in fertilizer at $1,100 per tonne, we will bring fertilizer at $450 per tonne, which will allow us to sell the fertiliser at K250 per bag. So why are they focusing on HH? Because it is the corruption that is in PF that is causing the high cost of food, high cost of living. So, why would they attack HH? It is laughable,” Hichilema said.

“The destruction of the economy and hunger has been brought about by the PF, not HH, not the UPND Alliance. So, we can only conclude, because it is completely weird, but let us not spend time on them, the election result will show that they are not competitors, as we sit now there is no third force. This country is a de facto two-party state. There are only two groups here, those on the wrong side, the corrupt and all of those trouble makers on the left, on the right are the people of Zambia. This struggle is not for UPND, it is a struggle for the people of Zambia.”

Hichilema stressed that a change of government was certain in the upcoming election.

“We are grateful to our alliance partners who have really come to the conclusion together with us and the people of Zambia that we must be on the right side of history. As you know unity of purpose has always prevailed to deliver independence. Now it is the people, unity of purpose who will deliver this country,” said Hichilema.

“The people of Zambia must remain strong; they must remain hopeful. They must not lose heart, definitely transition will happen this year. The people of Zambia must not lose heart. I ask all the 10 provinces of the country to stand up for their rights. We have had these things before, we had a one-party state and we overcame it. We will overcome this.”



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