By Edwin Mbulo in Sesheke

THOSE who never believed Hakainde Hichilema would win the August 12 elections now want to be new kids on the block, says Joseph Moyo.

Reacting to comments by politicians such as Katele Kalumba and Michael Kaingu, The African Woman Foundation leader (TAWF) founder urged the UPND-Alliance and its leader Hichilema not to be swayed by sweet talk from some politicians.

“Before the August 12 elections where was Kaingu? If anything he was campaigning for his daughter Iris in Mwandi and in so doing he must have said things against HH and the UPND,” Moyo said. “Where was Katele Kalumba? I remember that he was campaigning for Edgar Lungu. I read Kaingu saying HH can’t do it alone. Does he think HH was alone before August 12? Does he know Mr Akafumba (Josephs), Mr Milupi (Charles), my lawyer KBF (Kelvin Fube Bwalya) and others.

What about Jack Mwiimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa, Gary Nkombo and not forgetting Madam Vice-President Mutale Nalumango and many others. My only analysis of the sudden resurrection of some of these is because they now want jobs when they never believed that Hakainde Hichilema would win the August elections. They now want to be new kids on the block.”

He added that if anything Dr Kalumba was one of the people who betrayed former president Edgar Lungu and now wants to be chief counselling officer to the UPND not to capture State House.

“He himself captured Edgar Lungu and so did many other PF cadres. They betrayed not only Edgar Lungu but women and girls in all remote areas of Zambia. He betrayed a girl who was forced out UNZA’s engineering class just because her father who was paying for her fees died. They in PF could not give her a bursary to be able to complete her education now she is back at home in Livingstone,” said Moyo. “They, in PF, betrayed women who could not access quality health care.

They betrayed a woman and many others who have since died while giving birth. Mr President, Hakainde Hichilema, don’t be misled by these men and women who were silent when you suffered in jail all because you wanted the best for Zambians. Listen to people who were there for you like senior chiefs Mukuni and Hamusonde.

Their counsel is of substance not others who now want to look as if they were watermelons when they are actually poisonous fruits or wolves in sheep’s kin.”


  1. This behaviour of only aligning yourselves to the ruling party is very saddening and it is a sign of being morally bankruptcy. There are many people within Zambia who stand and believe in something and have principles but amongst the politicians, we lack people with integrity and and want to stand up and fight for right things in society. Prior to the August 12 elections, we saw those people who are principled and ready to suffer for the nation and those who were merely looking for a better life through political alignment. Many people did not expect HH and the UPND to win election but the group had faith and the will to fight for a better Zambia and even those who never believed in them are now realising that indeed there is hope for Zambia and want to be part and parcel of the new crusade. It is okay everyone is welcome to support, criticise and whatever.


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