A couple of you my friends have been asking my analysis about the recent local government elections on the Western province, and the opposition performance, I have been reluctant to comment but my opinion and findings are that; the situation demands for Hakainde Hichilema’s voice of authority and assurance to his followers, that he is in charge of things and ready to fix the problem right now.

HH has authority over Western province that is a fact that even the devil of destruction knows very well, however that should not make him too comfortable. The criminals he competes with will not sit idle and allow him to continue embarrassing them.

One thing the UPND and HH should understand is that the PF government has of late desperately put vice president Inonge Wina under a lot of pressure for failing to bring a meaningful support for the PF from a region where she hails from.
Recently huge sums of money have been allocated for purchasing of councillors with the help of some known MPs under the UPND who are also benefiting from the loot.

According to credible sources within the PF, Inonge Wina will not only be retired from the PF next year based on her age, but the little input from her region is a key factor.

Following this challenge, vice president Inonge Wina has been forced into Western province by the PF government to do whatever it takes and this is what has caused the PF to purchase UPND councillors. The buying of UPND councillors could have been avoided if only HH had a team that reflects his vision even without his presence in some parts of the country. For now I will not say much on this but slowly but sure I will come back again if there is no decisive action by the UPND.

President Hakainde Hichilema, needs to prove to the people of Zambia that soon he will be in a position to appoint and disappoint any incompetent person under his government should they (UPND), do the needful and form government next year. Zambians don’t want to have another Lungu who says I can’t fire the corrupt ministers because they are protected. That is how Lungu has decided to keep his thieving ministers.

The entire UPND should come to the realization that winning 2021 elections is between January this year and until December 2020. What UPND does now determines the future of next year.

Looking at the way the last seven months has been utilized due to COVID-19 restrictions, I want to warn the UPND that criminals and Mafias that you are dealing with are miles ahead of you. UPND should be lucky that we are here and telling them what we get from state house but it is up to them to take it or leave it.

When you hear PF leaders claiming that they are returning to power next year even when they know that their leadership is pathetic, don’t underestimate them. Personally, I have seen a group of well coordinated hyenas threatening to eat a healthier looking lion alive.

Few months ago, my humble advise to Mr HH was in black and white, I told him to let go of some liabilities, and listen to the cries of majority voters. By the way if HH was to fire some of his none performing leaders in various positions, it is not his wish but the voters and people who are on the ground. He must listen to them!

Today, I come knocking on HH’s door again, sir can you listen to what people on the grassroots are telling you please.

No matter what excuse UPND can come up with for them to justify the losing of some local government election to PF from Western province, will not make sense to anyone who views them as a government in the making.

In political science, the impression you create before the public has a huge impact to motivating voters to throw their weight on you. Even a woman you are eying to marry, must have a clear understanding of what you are talking about so that she can make a sound decision.

Here, the PF are trying by all means to convince anyone that they are controlling Western province, as long as they won heavily corrupted by elections. Don’t argue about the small margins, who cares? Do our voters even think that far in analyzing issues, absolutely no. It is about perception PF is trying to create before everyone. Elections are rigged in Africa by perception that the sitting government controls certain regions and this is what PF want to use in rigging next years elections. After manipulating them, they will come and tell everyone that how can HH win elections with one province.

In established and civilised democracies, because of a small margin between HH and Lungu in those elections, HH is supposed to have been entitled to state security and institutional recognition for his performance in the 2015 and 2016 flawed elections, that all clearly shows that Lungu went to state house with a thin questionable margin.

Defeating the PF government needs extra efforts by the UPND unlike what is obtaining. Mind you HH and UPND you are dealing with people who have killed, stolen, abused citizens, destroyed public institutions, defied the constitution of Zambia and committed all sorts of criminal activities against the people of Zambia, so how do you expect such criminals to handover power to you on a silver platter, when they know very well that their homes would be prisons?

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist



  1. Too much poverty in Western Province!
    There is very little HH can do.
    Poor people have no principles to die for!
    Poverty is not having enough money but it’s the poverty of mind! This is why people will choose to vote for a song over a K20 bribe. I think HH should call it quits in 2021 if Zambians reject him again. Let our people continue dancing to a predator government. I was shocked to see how expensive it has become to own property in Lusaka. When did LCC increase Property Rates? We are being asked to pay ma K4,000 or K15,000 for those with small holdings. Now imagine you own 10 properties? It means you need not less than K50,000 for all those properties some of which are not generating money! Any surprise why SA companies are pulling out?

    • It’s confusing to tell who is $tupid between the opposition parties and the electorates who expect to be bribed with stolen money in order to vote. So UPND is no match for PF that has endless access to treasury money.

  2. It totally unacceptable to call the decisions of your fellow voters stupid. This is democracy, you vote out of conviction. Please every vote is needed for the political Party to wining. UPND needs western province to win general election it is not the time to start demeaning or belittling others. Can we find out what is happening or happened there before judging others. Please change is not automatic it is a series of occurrences. Even in 1991 when UNIP was at it worst the MMD leadership kept on doing rallies and meetings it was not automatic. In 1991 gen.elections Eastern province was the only province with highest votes for UNIP, I never heard MMD insulting Easterners for voting UNIP but went there to convince them in the subsequent elections. Please don’t insult electorate you will need them. If you love UPND as political party talk to leadership for the wake up call. Different Pipo make different decisions in different places at different times.

  3. This excellent warning to UPND. Sometimes UPND officials behave as if they have already won elections. There’s no way the party can start aligning proposed cabinet once voted in power. That’s wishful thinking. One cannot start preparing dining table before finding food cook. Elections are not won on Facebook, WhatsApp or twitter. The majority of electorates are ignorant about technology of mobile phones. There’s need to be visible on the ground and interact with the people. This is similar to what we call Visible Felt Leadership at places of work. If one becomes absentee landlord, then things will fall apart. UPND leadership must be seen on the ground despite COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Lungu and his tandem of thieves, plunderers and looters are visible on the ever ignorant, poverty and confused stricken citizens. UPND must wake up from sleep and redeem this country from the pack hyenas and jackals.

  4. It is serious, really serious! However, the starting point is to realize that as of now, the vote is not yet lost in western and northwestern provinces. What is there could be a disturbance of course but a distaburse should not make us give in. Desperate times need desperate decisions. The key is to protect the electorate from the invasion of the same crooks for whom we want the same electorate to help us kick them out. There should be many many individuals in the UPND who are UPND from head to toe. These assets must be brought to use now. First thing, infuse these into the party leadership by replacing those moribund ones. Surely moribund ones know themselves and should accept to be replaced for the good of the party. So that the leadership should be made to be firing tiptop just like a car engine upon replacing dead old filters and valves. Make no mistake though,
    HH is not for replacement now, or we forget about forming govt. That I can assure you. Next, other party diehards should be identified, assured of rewards upon party winning next election, make genuine pursueable agreements with them. Then, send these to go and make temporary homes in all western and northwestern provinces. How many headmen and headwomen are there in thz 2 provinces. Must be only a few hundreds. To each headman or village send trusted cadres there whose job description is to conscioutize (making people know what they are supposed to know) the people there village by village on a daily basis. It is an asset that the local traditional leadership in these provinces are “workable” with the UPND. No single village in these provinces will reject these emissaries of the party. The locals will even provide for their food, even permanent land to them, yes of course. Each village to be evaluated for which strength of willing cadres to send there. Modalities can be worked upon. These are to beef up efforts of the area MP and councillor, Chief and headman. They are to make no noise holding rallies. Of course the emmisseries will engage local cadres to reach out far and wide all corners of the village. Job to be daily, full-time for the emissaries until voting day. In this way we can be assured of being on top of things. PF is weak in that they know they are on the way out. To organize similarly they would need money huge amounts. And wherever, whenever they try penetrate they will find that the grassroots would be solidly behind the party, hard to break and penetrate, being daily conscioutized by the party’s well thought out elaborate scheme to PROTECT THE 2021 VOTE.


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