UPND President Hakainde Hichilema writes below….
We would like to thank our former Vice President Dr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for the services he rendered to the party in our quest to run the country better.

We wish our brother, GBM, all the best in his new journey and future endeavour.

Further, we appeal to our party members and the nation to respect our brother’s (GBM’s) decision as it his democratic right.

May God bless our country.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President.


  1. Comment:wether Gbm resigns as he has done,UPND is going forward nd is going to take over in 2021. am not a cader of any political party but according to things potrayed by the current goverment being in the driving seat nd my spirit of discernment, UPND is going to win in 2021.it’s ablessing for some pipo to perve way out.simple minds always changes goal posts unlike great minds.am a
    political analyst nd a senior citizen.

  2. Hai, thank you very much that is the heart of real men, may God bless you more than you bless others. Just keep focus on the ball and without reacting to outside forces. what has happened is the best for all well meaning Zambians. “May God bless our Nation!”

  3. These are the honesty qualities of a true leader of all the people despite their different intra-body feelings as exhibited by HH. It is good that GBM has been sent away with his luggage but with best wishes for his future endeavours on this political pathway he has followed from the times of ANC through UNIP, MMD, PF, UPND and to the present destine (back to PF). What an ambitious Journey this is?????. Let us all be on-standby to physically witness somebody that will make a political record of going back to either MMD or UNIP since there is no longer ANC. What a retrogressive movement that will be?????. However, time will tell us as to the meaning of this ambitious and retrogressive movement GBM has embarked on

  4. Thank you HH for being a mature politician by wishing GBM well. GBM will never be taken seriously by the people of Zambia. He has sold his dignity for $50 million dollars as reported by Koswe. As soon as GBM started insulting fellow leaders in UPND the Zambian people smelled a rat and they have been proven wright. GBM has been bought by PF. Imagine how far $50 million dollars would go to help the starving masses!

  5. The UPND should not worry about one man who failed to make northern follow him…he failed….he works under the shadow of other people’s Hard work…..


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