Oppossition United Party for Natiomal Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema has unveils a simpler Party Manifesto for 2021 General Elections.

Mr. Hichilema says the Manifesto is aimed at empowering Members of the party to communicate to voters what UPND Intend to do immedietely it is ushered into office in 2021.

Speaking during the United Party for National Development National Management Committe first high level meeting after 2016 General Elections, Mr. Hichilema says what is contained in the manifesto is a version to move Zambia foward.

Mr. Hichilema stated that there is no time to warm chairs anymore when citizens out there are crying over high mealie meal prices, corruption, bad governance and all other detrimental factors to the growth of the country.

He stated that under the UPND government, anyone will be entitled to work for the people as long as they have necessary qualifications and have the integrity to deliver according to the people’s expectations.

” No one will be allowed to be a Cabinet Minister if their preoccupation is to enrich themselves above the duties to diligently serve. This is why we insist that we are in politics not to enrich ourselves but to offer a service to the Nation, and as such anyone wishing to get rich out of politics is simply in a wrong field and the UPND government will never entertain such individuals.” He said.

“Under the UPND government, land will be for Zambians first and will thereafter endeavor to dutifully encourage joint ventures with those with capital. For instance, in a period of 5 years and thereafter, once our citizens especially the youth and the women have the capacity to stand on their own they will be encouraged to seek joint partnerships and then move to their next area of investment” he said.

“Agriculture will be another economic booster and a major source of employment and income for our country. We shall provide more fertilizers to our farmers because the more they produce out of our government’s empowerment schemes, the more we produce cheaper mealie meal and eventually reduce the cost of mealie meal to K50 per 25kg or even less.”

“Education is an investment and we will ensure that every child including the elderly will have access to quality education through our free education model, and resources for this sector will be raised locally, including cutting down unnecessary expenditures such as a blotted Cabinet with Deputy Ministers. There shall be no luxury travels for top government officials, corruption will be fought vigorously while we will enhance government owned industrial activities to boost our revenue base”.

“Quiet often, our mothers and citizens out there face numerous health problems, but when in government this will be a thing of the past because we will take clinics, hospitals closer to them but more so medicines.”

“UPND remains optimistic that in order for this to become a reality, a well supported civil service will be put in place and our government will ensure that civil servants are well remunerated as opposed to only being used. A well paid professional civil service is what UPND will bring about. ”

“These and many other key economic messages are embedded in our party manifesto and form our governance policies. We also directed our top officials including you our citizens out there to differentiate us from the current regime that is running down our country basing your assessment on our manifesto, which to a large extent talks about proper economic management. ” he said.


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