By Charles Tembo in Ndola

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says all members of parliament should reject the PF engineered Bill 10 when it is presented before the House today for second reading.

Hichilema stated that UPND members of parliament will still stand by their earlier position of rejecting the Bill as it does not carry the aspirations of the people of Zambia.

He also appealed to the PF, NDC and Independent members of parliament to reject the Bill which seeks to, among other things, grant more powers to a sitting Head of State.

Hichilema is confident that the Bill will fall out because Zambians have vehemently rejected it.

“Members of parliament must also stand on the right side of history by listening to people’s calls of doing away with the Bill outrightly,” he stated.

And Hichilema said that instead of wasting the country’s scarce resources on a Bill that only stands to benefit a few in the PF, national resources must now be channelled towards ensuring that the economy is up and running and citizens have jobs, affordable health care, cheaper food and lower cost of living.

Parliament will be tabling Bill 10 which PF has been battling to make into law for sometime now, with majority of citizens, churches and civil society organisations rejecting the Bill on grounds that it is ambiguous and carries a PF clandestine agenda.




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