By Florence Muyunda cic Private Reporter.

SOUTHERN ~Kaoma (Dundumwezi).


Dundumwezi Constituency today became standstill when the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema accompanied by the high powered delegation. Jubilation in a traditional setup ensured to celebrate the visit of Mr Hakainde Hichilema.
Mr Hakainde Hichilema told the gathering that in 2016 they did a wonderful job and he thanked them very much and urged them to keep the fire burning but register as voters voters first.

“People of Dundumwezi’s Bbilili ward go and get your voter’s cards and in 2021 ensure you vote. The entire country wants change except PF and the few who are corrupt because their desire is to continue seeing more jobless youths, run down Agriculture sector, broken down health and education systems among others. Like we said to the people of Bbilili ward during our National voter registration sensitisation program today, all Zambians must register to vote and together we shall bring about the much desired change” Said Mr Hichilema.

And UPND Secretary General Hon Stephen Katuka told the gathering that the entire Southern province are good people but it’s bad how evil they are painted to be due to jealous by PF. He said that 2021 all the registered voters must give them all 100% to UPND and HH because in 2016 only 200,000 voters. He said let PF get zero this time.

Monze Central MP Hon Jack Mwiimbu said the even Jesus Christ came today Bill 10 will never resurrect because it is permanently dead forever and the PF must move on.

Lukashsya Aspiring candidate Hon Davis Mulenga aka Big Mule told the gathering about the history of Bembas and Tongas and said Tongas have helped Bembas so much hence it’s time to pay back. Big mule the crowd puller made everyone laugh and joyous with his comic voice saying he is in the game to deliver it’s time for HH, Lusaka province chairperson for UPND Hon Obvious Mwaliteta said the Southern province must rise up and defend HH and never allow the hope of Zambian people to be disturbed again, Hon Mwaliteta said that enough is enough the PF must stop abusing the name of Tongas for their political gains. Furious Mwaliteta told the gatherings that 2021 is a do or die year hence the PF must know that UPND is not playing around this time.

CIC carried live the proceeding and can be accessed on the following link.




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