Chishimba Kambwili

Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and PF Deputy Spokesman Father Frank Bwalya have disclosed that UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema truly won the elections and that he (Frank Bwalya) and Kambwili were part of the PF senior members and Intelligence Officers who stole HH’s victory. According to Mr Frank Bwalya (from the audio recording), the UPND Presidential Candidate Hakainde Hichilema got 1,807,942 votes representing 50.02%, while the Republican President Edgar Lungu got 1,795, 684 votes representing 48.04% while the other small opposition political parties together got 1.98%.

Frank Bwalya said the PF managed to steal victory from HH by heavily manipulating Lusaka and Copperbelt votes using the OP and Ugandan Nationals and that some of them have not yet been paid their K557,000 allowances they were promised for the exercise they did and were now mounting pressure on them (Kambwili and Frank Bwalya).

The former Roman Catholic Priest is also heard in the recording expressing remorse and regrets towards HH and UPND for denying him victory and rigging elections in favour of a man (Edgar Lungu) who he described as not being thankful. He condemned President Lungu for favoring former MMD members as he disclosed that former president Rupiah Banda was instrumental in advising President Lungu NOT to concede defeat when it was clear in 156 constituencies that he had lost the presidential elections despite PF having gotten more parliamentary seats than the UPND. “Our (PF’s) PVT clear showed a slight defeat for our president (Edgar Lungu), but Rupiah Banda prevented him from conceding defeat when himself (Lungu) was ready to do so on 13th August 2016 – Saturday”, added Frank Bwalya.

Father Bwalya also disclosed to PF members royal to him that a lot of African Presidents cancelled their schedules to attend the inauguration ceremony of President Elect Edgar Lungu despite being invited in good time as they were informed by many PF senior members that Mr Edgar Lungu had actually lost the elections to HH.

“It is actually now that you are hearing them (Presidents) congratulating President Lungu after seeing that HH has been completely dribbled. They had hopped that the Constitutional Court Judges will do justice to HH, but alas, we equally managed to bribe them”, Father Bwalya is heard telling PF members in the recording which we will be released tomorrow.

Please don’t miss the recording tomorrow Sunday (25th September 2016) to truly prove what we have just written and posted. We are not the Real Zambian Watchdog, but our vote rigging evidence will not only shock Zambians but the entire world. The recording will be the first to be posted tomorrow.



  1. They are just lies from sick brains of people who want to dent Kambwili and bwalya’s names as to weaken PF because they know very very well that these are two strong pillars of PF

  2. I’m sorry, we hv no confident president at de moment, the current one way not even declared by the????????? Courts. Thy even hide in the name of praying for peace an yet they re real lies in say light. Real peace will only prevail on mother zambia wen dis pf thing goes to de grave. For now it’s tym for pure suffering lyk de children of Israel in egypt.

  3. Why didn’t kambwili rig in his own constituency he won by a mere wiskey, he should won by a large margin. Steven won conveningly suprisingly . …

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  5. But Fr.Bwalya ndiwe imbwa galu ya munthu. If that was true why didn’t you bring it out during the petition period. Politics is a very dirty game.

    Even iwe the one who posted this, Go to Chainama and find one bed for yourself before its too late… //HH lost, ECL won\\… That’s what we Zambians know, right now we are looking forward to see what the PF will do in the next five years.


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