Chibuye Mwape writes

With the rapid growth and support that the NDC is receiving, the hierarchy in the UPND have found it prudent to associate themselves with NDC than keep a burden in GBM.

The calculation was mwaa!!

They waited patiently from 2017 after a thorough analysis of his contribution in the affairs of the party to chuck him out.
Their conclusion was that GBM was not bringing anything tangible in the party apart from finances and a big ego of revenge to the PF. – this, they were sure is exactly what and feelings equal to Hichilema’s and most of the egos of external party funders.

So having GBM in UPND was equatted to the same as ownining an expensive sexy red Range Rover that you have parked in the garage because of this biting economy whilst you use a Corolla.

UPND had to get rid of excess baggage. And GBM was just that. – talk and no results. Election after election including fielding his daughter, the party was thumped and alot of money being wasted. Moneywise, GBM was a power house but when that is weighed against adding a seat, the contribution is stable as the member will continue with monthly party contributions.


  1. Bitter or sour grapes. UPND must just accept the harsh results to accept desperate actions to try and win an election by accepting even undiesirable characters like GBM & others who were rejects from the PF and MMD.


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