OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has a a serious complex where he thinks he is superior

Reacting to the change of name for the opposition Alliance to UPND Alliance and adoption of Mr Hichilema as UPND Alliance Presidential Candidate for 2021, Mr Kambwili said he wished Mr Hichilema well but added that Mr Hichilema does not learn from history.

“Over the past few months, we have been in talks with my brother Hichilema but it appears he has been in a hurry to dominate the Alliance, the same tactics that made him fail to work with the PF before 2011. He is more concerned about himself and no one else,” said Kambwili.

He said some so-called Alliance members have no following apart from their own families

“Just look at Milupi, he was no better than James Lukuku, May His Soul Rest in peace. Now, my brother wants to believe that he is in alliance with the opposition parties. Which ones?” he asked.

Mr Kambwili said just like the late Michael Sata became President after 10 years of the PF’s formation, he will become the 7th President of Zambia.

“Lesa ni malyotola. He sees how our brother wants to always use people for their identity in order to get to Plot One but we can only wish him the best. Am sure he will be trying people like Kalaba because of his identity “, he said.

Mr Kambwili said only Hichilema learnt the reasons why God has delayed him from leading this country, he would have slowed down and avoided repeating mistakes of using people for his personal end.

“As NDC, we are focused on unseating the PF which has been tainted with corruption and scandals but we won’t do so just for purposes of aiding one person. We are a party who must be respected unlike those other parties in the UPND alliance who are just ticks on Mr Hichilema’s finances,” said Kambwili.

During a press briefing this afternoon, Mr Charles Milupi announced the change of name for the opposition Alliance to UPND Alliance and that the UPND Alliance has adopted Mr Hichilema as it’s Presidential Candidate.


  1. This ex PF bafoon who made his money through corruption now thinks he is very popular and another Sata.
    He has no principle to talk about .
    We have evidence on how much he has been paid ,HH is much too smart for this PF reject n bafoon…
    He even took money to influence his MP yo vote for Bill 10 .
    This guy thinks he is clever , we have evidence on the monies he recieved …this evidence actually comes from PF ….this Fatso bafoon can bark.
    His memory is very shallow .
    A greedy person is always exposed and this bafoon has short himself in the foot …shame on you Kambwili , you are a spent force and kiss politics good bye
    You have sold your soul for a few silver coins Shame ..where is you principle..go join PF and the corrupt fellows ..bye bye

  2. CK is an opportunist!
    Moreover, we can’t afford to have an alliance leader with Medical Liabilities but one who is medically and Physically fit to handle the stress of a General Electi, let alone the stress that comes with The Office of President!
    Or is CK looking for an excuse to jump back to PF by going to the press? Such is not the noble character that helps to build a good alliance!

  3. I think NDC members should watch their leader closrly. Kambwili is definitely going back to PF. Why hold a press briefing just to denounce his colleagues in the Alliance? I think GBM was right when he said Kambwili was going back to PF. In fact Kambwili has always been PF. The problem is not HH here. Did Kambwili expect to be chosen as the Alliance presidential candidate?

  4. The alliance here is people not party even NDC which following do they have the one chishala MP who was released due to UPND support during that by elect. All long some of us that know this character, who remember how he defended the wrongs of PF when he was a governments spokes person, who he became a technocrat and now cause of that one mp under ndc he thought he was getting not less than running mate. You can back and enjoy your vomit in pf.

  5. CK,has an ambition to become the President of Zambia like any other Opposition Leader, but before the Alliance could settle for him to lead it there are issues he required to sort out.
    These issues are in public domain such as:
    – Currently he is a prisoner serving a jail sentence, only that he is on bail awaiting his court appeal and no one knows what will be the outcome of that appeal.
    – He still has a case where the court has found him with the case to answer ( prima facie).
    – He has other active cases in courts.
    – NDC has not yet held a Convention as required by law for him to contest in the coming election. When are they going to hold the convention considering the time remaining before the nomination of Candidates for the elections?
    – The other touching and unfortunal issue is his hypertension status of health. The office of Republican president has too much pressure which may worsen his health condition.
    These could be the reasons why his Alliance partners couldn’t consider him to lead the Alliance.
    It’s therefore better for CK to clean his house in order first than rushing to the media and accusing his partners in the Alliance.
    Continue working together with your Alliance partners, the nation requires your contribution.

    • Time is up August is around the corner.fie how long will they negotiate,let the Alliance go flat out to campaign if kambwili doesn’t want let him go to pf and his political career will be finished just like gbm.no one will ever trust him cz he is unpredictable.people of roan voted for ndc and got power from pf then again going back to pf that will be suicide.

  6. Ck, just keep quiet sir remember u are a convict bwana and I don’t think that office can accommodate u looking at who u are, just go back to pf so that u can be cleared of that sentence otherwise I don’t know.just an advice

  7. We, or maybe just me, I am baffled with what I hear Kambwili say. What was announced by Milupi, was it not agreed upon? Now Kambwili is complaining! At what stage did these people begin to differ? What are kambwili ‘s major points of contention? Could it be true kambwili wants to get back to PF? Could it be that he is formulating an excuse for ditching the alliance and go to PF. What can kambwili say about the general feeling across the country that bembas don’t want to be led by1 from any other tribe especially from Tonga tribe? Yes we can suspect. Kambwili has not explained reasons for talking like this so we are left to our own speculation. See, both HH and kambwili have a history, a background including a political background. Kambwili’s background isn’t comfortable to talk about bcos we generally can’t dissociate him from PF bad governance, PF corruption, PF abuse of state institutions esp ZNBC. Kambwili has fostered BEMBA tribalism before, likely he is still a diehard BEMBA TRIBALIST!. If truth be told it is not the strong desire to serve the people that made kambwili leave PF to form NDC, he differed with his PF friends on matters nothing to do with proper governance but on matters that were largely personal. It is only that when you are in opposition you have to speak the language of the people and of course we still have these suspicions. Now kambwili is linked to a move back to PF. Do you think the other members of the opposition alliance or us the people don’t connect issues past and present? From this background of kambwili really you find while you know he’s got some numbers, some reasonable numbers with him, but you are also thinking how reliable he is, especially in the long run. At the back of our minds we feel he still carries that PF mentality and you wished the NDC was led by a more sober character with a different better background. And so we would be apprehensive when it comes to finalizing the alliance in a manner that gives the other alliance partners the possibility of ruining the cause of the bigger alliance partner. Don’t you think so? Especially giving kambwili room to this kind he is the president after HH. We think it will be dangerous. And so you NDC members esp the leadership you should know your weak area(s), where your partners could be a little uncomfortable with you. If your objective is to serve the people truly, and you accept that the Zambian economy and the people’s lives will be in better hands under HH and the UPND, there is nothing wrong you supporting HH and UPND without conditions 100%. Your time is going to come as soon as UPND begins to make mistakes in government. Why can’t you see it that way? But bcos of too much self interest, it seems you are failing to see the bigger picture. You don’t care now if the people continue under PF poor and destructive govt bcos now you will go flat out decampaining the UPND to prove a point. That is if you don’t form alliance with PF, or simply disband and join PF. Please think twice and keep your energies in the alliance for the sake of the people. I still do hope you will remain on the people’s side and your deep self introspection.

  8. Every one knows the big boys in this alliance was /is UPND and NDC, but as political scientist I this UPND has realized that time is limited and the alliance can’t continue negotiating over and over about who will be president and running mate, especially that NDC is marred with court cases and it seems that has made him to hibernate, surely with an election in 6 months decisions need to be made. I listened very carefully to saboi on hot fm this morning, its pity her resolve is if NDC can’t have it we all won’t have it, if this was the mentality UPND had in 2011, they too would have easily teamed up with MMD so that their former alliance partners would not have it, but been a mature party they let the popular and bigger opposition party carry on for the good of the people. but her statement I wonder if they have the people wishes at heart. for her it political competition at the expense of the masses.

  9. Ba CK, you are just a liability to everyone. Your article is very disappointing. Why always criticize others thinking that they can do nothing without you? UPND Alliance is winning big even without the help of the likes of Kambwili for we’ll give them our votes come 12th August.


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