By David Zulu

They had painted him as a boring SDA elder with a boardroom demeanour and that he doesn’t connect with ordinary people. Now HH has come out firing from the hip as he traverses the country sensitising and urging citizens to register to vote.

His language has become more daring and candid increasingly appearing revolutionary, fearless and tinged with a sense of urgency. While speaking to supporters, he occasionally breaks into a Tonga traditional warrior dance (kutambala) to the accompaniment of a frenzied high pitched beat of a war drum (ngoma yabukali), drummed by a Tonga royal bard or rhymist (muyabizi).

HH communicates to his different audiences in blistering traditional idioms in vernacular which identifies with diverse communities’ local lingua. This is what has ruffled the PF because they are accustomed to HH’s boardroom style which they often mocked and described as a CEO and not politician enough.

They now appear vexed that they may not be able to handle what they had always claimed he wasn’t; a politician. They want him back in air conditioned boardrooms where they can contain him. But HH has become a larger than life outgrower who is crisscrossing the country to meet the people and the people love it.

The PF are subsequently dubiously interpreting HH’s new brand as demeaning to Zambians but people appear excited and satisfied to see his edgy and aggressive side. This is the part Zambians have been missing about HH.

By attacking HH’s new aggressive characteristics, the PF want to pit him against their humble pretender whose humility has since run out and run the country down. The country needs an aggressive approach to its social and economic problems that humility has landed her into and Hakainde Hichilema fits into the sandals. He is the man and he is unstoppable.



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