1. 13th October 2000, he was installed as Litunga of Barotseland

2. 31st March 2001, his first Kuomboka ceremony

3. March 2002, Ngambela Mukela refused to let Zambian government takeover Liuwa and Sioma national parks but Litunga negotiated for African parks to run Liuwa national park on there behalf.

– Ngambela Mukela took the Litunga to all the districts of Barotseland.

4. BRE called for UN to intervene and help in funding the Angolan refugees repatriation exercise for mbundas, chokwes etc to go back home.
– Angolan government visited the BRE and resolved to start the repatriation exercises.
– thousands of refugees went back to Angola but majority still come back illegally to Barotseland again.


5. 15th June 2004, survived a dethronement

6. May 2005, BRE banned Bemba and Nyanja languages and songs on all local radio stations in Barotseland and the also threatened to close down radio liseli.

7. 2005 Lubosi failed to hold the Kuomboka ceremony


8. 2006, GRZ/BRE failed to agree on the way to implement the BA 1964.
Litunga went to bed with Mwanawina’s government.

9. 2006, GRZ started to fight Ngambela Mukela. Land issues was brought forward.

10. 16th October 2006, Acting Prime-Minister, Ngambela Mukela Manyando resigned from BRE


11. June 2008, survived another dethronemet

12. October 2010, Barotse Activists movements became active, Linyungandambo also managed to capture the entire Barotseland and Lubosi was told to call for BNC

13. 24th October 2010, Linyungandambo members were arrested and detained for tiring Zambian flag


14. 1st January 2011, Linyungandambo called for a meeting to be held at Limulunga Primary school ground
– BRE was threatened and GRZ warned and told people not to go ahead with the meeting.
– Linyungandambo said come rain come sunshine will hold our meeting, told off Rupia Banda regime

– 10th January 2011, then Deputy defense minister and Mongu central MP Joseph Mulyata organised his fellow Mbundas and throw some fliers in mongu and Limulunga calling on the Mbundas to go back to Angola

15. 14th January 2011, Zambia police combined with army blocked people from moving , dozens of Lozi people were arrested, killed and secretly buried others


16. March 2011, BRE held a Privy council, declared that Barotseland will be part and parcel of Zambia and Senior chief Inyambo yeta was the leader of the delegation that went to State house in Lusaka together with then Acting Ngambela late Walubita litia and others

17. March 2011, Acting Ngambela Walubita Litia died
April 2011, Kuomboka ceremony was held


19. Barotseland Agreement Commission inquiry was held but under the so called ” Mongu commission of inquiry on riots

20. January 2012, Barotseland prime-minister, Ngambela Clement wainyae sinyinda was installed with other new indunas

21. 2012 Kuomboka ceremony was cancelled


22. The 27th March 2012, Historical Barotse National Council was held in Limulunga Royal village at st.Lawrence Catholic Church grounds that declared Barotseland independence under the Authority of Litunga Lubosi imwiko II, Ngambela Clement Sinyinda, Induna Mukulwakashiko Hon Imenda Batuke

23. April 2012, Zambian flag was removed from all Barotse buildings across and Zambian government declared war with Lozis but failed to attack the territory


24. May 2012, Ngambela Sinyinda told off the Zambian government and said Barotseland will not participate in Zambian constitutional meetings
– Ngambela sues Zambian government at AU court


25. May- October 2012, lozi men guarded the Litunga palace, and removed all Zambian policemen, etc near the Litunga


June 2012- UN visited BRE, Ngambela sinyinda, Mombotwa and Litunga hold talks.

26. October 2012, Sikota wina manages to capture the Litunga after then President Sata made a deal.


27. November 2012, Lubosi changed his mind, accepted to betray his kingdom and joined PF government

28. November 2012, Ngambela clement Sinyinda Resigned


29. December 2012, Lubosi made a a deal with Zambian government not to go for independence

30. February 2013, President sata visited the Litunga in Limulunga with his full cabinet ministers and persuaded Litunga not to associate with clement Sinyinda and Barotse activist


31. 10th March 2014, Queen of Barotseland died.

32. April 2014, Kuomboka ceremony cancelled

– July 2014, Litunga with the help of GRZ tried to withdraws the Barotse case at AU court but failed.
– AU court find zambian government with a case to answer.
– Zambian government admitted and asked for more time to engage the Litunga, BRE on the matter.
– AU court delivered a judgement but it only advised the Zambian government to go back on drawing board and sit down with the Barotse government.


33. July 2014, chief Mwene chiengele Josia Nyumbu dethroned
-GRZ withdraws his recognition

34. December 2014, Heads row between BRE and Barotse activists


35. January 2015 Lungu and Litunga meet and resolved to hold talks with all chiefs and barotseland activists
– Kuomboka ceremony wasn’t held.


– dethroned chief nyumbu goes to court
– Josia Nyumbu calls for mbundas to be enemies and fight the Lozis.

36. 2016 Lungu and Litunga failed to win the support of the people of Barotseland to undo the BNC 2012 resolutions


37. January 2017, Nyambe Mwenda installed as Ngambela.
– Indunas were installed about 10

38. UNESCO visited Barotseland over Zambia’s illegally nominated Barotse Plain as world heritage site but the Kuta refused to be listed.


– 7th,April 2017, Kuomboka ceremony was held but political parties clashed between PF/UPND leaders in Limulunga road.
– dethroned chief Josia Nyumbu begs for mercy from BRE. And he starts to create his militia with the help from GRZ.


39. 10th March 2018, chief Mwene kahare late Edward kahare installed.
– March 2018, chief Mwene chiengele kashengula nyumbu installed

-31st March 2018, President Edgar lungu called for dialogue and meet Ngambela and Litunga.


40. April 2018, Litunga invited Paroumount chief Ngawa undi of the chewa speaking people of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique at the 2018 Kuomboka ceremony
– August 2018, his Majesty the Litunga, Ngambela and Kuta also went to attend the Kulamba ceremony in katete district of eastern province


41. September 2018, GRZ released Funds for Barotseland Agreement meetings to the kuta.
– districts chiefs refused to attend the meetings
– Barotse activists also refused to attend


– BRE stops the illegal Cheke cha mbunda ceremony to go ahead
– Nyumbu receives some good news from lower court after it said it rule on him because they is still active case in Lusaka high court
– October Mbundas insulted the BRE and Lozis.
– Mbundas tried to hold the illegal cheke cha mbunda but were beaten and removed in Nan’oko.


– November 2018, Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda resigns as Ngambela

– BRE hold a press citing the GRZ of sponsoring confusion in Barotseland.


– 11th December, Litunga travelled to U.K for Medical purposes
– 12 December, Litunga holds talks with president Lungu at state house. Litunga told off president Lungu for creating confusion in Barotseland. Litunga also informed lungu that he will no longer support him and that he will now go for independence of Barotseland.
– 13th December, Another Meeting took place. Lungu begged for restoration of BA.
– 14th December, he traveled to U.K.

– 27th December, he come back from UK to Lusaka.
– 29th he Meet President Lungu at his kabulonga residence
– 30th December, Inonge Wina meet Litunga. In the evenings President went for talks again and sealed a deal.
– 31st Litunga wa kuma kuma


42. 12th January 2019, Litunga returns home
– 18th January New Ngambela installed , Ngambela Mukela Manyando
– Litunga cancels all Meetings with PF, UPND, provincial administration, Police, Council and Kuta.

– Litunga u-turns 360 degrees and goes back to Lungu and leaving the Kuta in Limbo.
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