THE Patriotic Front in Lusaka says holding a national convention with the surging cases of coronavirus infections in the country is a risk to President Edgar Lungu and everyone else who would attend.

The ruling party officials in the capital city now suggest that each Province should endorse President Edgar Lungu as PF president and candidate for the 2021 election as well as nominate Members of the Central Committee.

Addressing the media at the provincial office yesterday, PF Lusaka Deputy youth chairperson Kelvin Kaunda said the youth in Lusaka wanted party secretary general Davies Mwila devise alternative means of electing party leadership instead of having a national convention.

“Our move is clearly to appeal through our able leadership honourable SG Davies Mwila’s office, to the entire party structure to device alternative means of electing central committee members. As you maybe aware in our country, we are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 which is more deadly than the previous one and therefore, for it may not work for us to bring over 4000 delegates to one place,” Kaunda explained.

“Number one, it is a risk to our party president his Excellency president Edgar Lungu, it’s a risk on the central members, it’s a risk on everyone else especially at a time such as this…Therefore we are submitting that the provincial executive committee should be able to endorse the candidature of his Excellency president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his nominated members of the central committee and the same should be taken as having been elected at the general conference,” Kaunda suggested.

He said the suggestion was not an abrogation to the party constitution but just a change of arriving at the same result using “different means”.

“What we are proposing is not unprecedented we have used it before when circumstances were not even threatening, so now that the situation is more threatening,now that it is even not ideal that to bring over 3,000 people together why don’t we go back to something that we have used before at a time when it was more compelling,”Kaunda posed.




  1. No party is above the law, ruling or not. Why then are you opening schools on Feb 1 if Covid situation is that bad ? You thought you were fixing UPND, now nature has “levelled” the political playing field.

  2. 3 Things That Contributed To Bobi Wine’s Election Loss Which HH and UPND are also Making in Zambia

    Ugandan election results have been released and not surprising General Museveni has been returned back to power by the people. This is his sixth term ruling Uganda for over forty years. Bobi Wine gave Museveni a tough competition that attracted the world’ s attention and many thought that Bobby would win and his long rule come to an end but Museveni took it again.

    Museveni won with over five million votes while Mr. Kyagulani came second with a three million. It was a good fight for Wine who was determined to get a win but next time he should improve on a few things.

    Uganda has a total of one hundred and fifty two counties. Museveni took his time to campaign in all of them except one which was Kampala. Kampala was the main stronghold for Bobi wine. on the other and the youthful Wine staged his campaigns on his strongholds especially Kampala and jinja forgetting the remote areas that had quiet a number of registered voters.

    Bobi wine also associated himself with the Youth who of course are the majority but don’ t register as voters. He forgot the old men who were used to voting for Museveni. He was supposed to persuade them and give them a reason why they shouldn’ t vote for him because as to them he wasn’ t a dictator.

    The main agenda of Bobi was to remove Museveni from power but he never insisted what he will do with the power. People wanted to hear what he will do better than Museveni because in real sense the General is a performer in Uganda and the people love him.

  3. First of all president Lungu is not legible to stand for s third term. Second why is the PF always talking about the UPND to go for conventions but They r afraid of Corona. Third why enforce people to vote ECL as president

  4. Let the national convention be held and people allowed to contest freely. Those within PF proposing that Mr. Edgar Lungu is a sole presidential candidate are not truthful but speaking from the point of greediness and hypocrisy. They also want to gain from corrupt money during campaigns.

    People like Paul Moonga and Davies Mwila speak to benefit their bellies and to keep their positions. Their hope and trust is in President Edgar Lungu without him they are doomed and finished. These are the modern Judas Iscariots even when they know deep in their hearts that Mr. Lungu has lost popularity within PF and outside PF they will still pretend as though things are well.

    Given a level playing field and people to exercise their democratic rights to vote, Mr. Lungu can not win an independent election. The the reason the PF is not allowing the opposition political parties to campaign is fear of losing support.


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