We all do understand that UPND and NDC are in an alliance that does not only include UPND and NDC but also ADD, and PeP and other political parties. This means that the two parties and other alliance partners opted to join forces on natters that borders on Constitutionalism and human right, Zero tolerance to Corruption and political violence, Electral process, Public order Act among others.

To the best of my knowledge UPND and NDC are not in any electoral act that outlines and dictates how the two parties will be able to field in candidates in any by-elections. The Non existence of such an important electoral pact between the NDC and UPND has made Hon Chishimba Kambwili’s utterances baseless, null and void in the eyes of the alliance and the public because facts are not there.

On the other hand, I also wish to state that UPND errored by rushing to make statements to the media that we were ready to field in a candidate in Lubwa without proper consultations with our alliance partners. Even if we’re a independent big political party, I feel there was need for us to communicate to our alliance partners before we could make such statements. NDC in this case felt as if they are being mocked by the statement issued by Mr Charles Kakoma hence the outcry from the NDC Consultant.

NDC strong hold is perceived to be Copperbelt . Now does this mean we need to give up Copperbelt to NDC? This is a huge question that we need to answer together and help our leaders.

We must also understand that if UPND continue with the idea of not fielding candidates in the Copperbelt elections because of being in alliance with NDC, then we should forget about growing the party on the Copperbelt. The only political way a party can grow and asses its strength and popularity, is by taking part in elections.

Election time is the only period when structures of the party are organized.




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