President Lungu with Princess Kasune Zulu UPND MP for Keembe at Chisamba at Hungry Farm at the Launching the 2016/17 planting Season

Keembe UPND MP Princess Kasune writes:

As the MP for Keembe Constituency, l was one of those raising the concern at Parliament and in our Health Committee on why our Parliament continued mixing.

Just this morning l tested #Positive for Covid-19. On the same day l was dancing for being a grandmother for the first time and bags pack ready to see my grandson, same day l went for #Covid-19 Test at UTH, Thursday 23 July, 2020 although had no symptoms.

This morning July 25 the #Covid-19 test has come out #Positive. I am officially under Quarantine.

LeadershipCrisis in Zambia, We relaxed our rules too early in Zambia, my very point of order at Parliament. Now Covid-19 is moving rapidly and so many lives at stake. One feels for the health workers and teachers, not forgetting our children who have gone back to school Lord protect them. Please #StayHome #Masskup , avoid crowds even church or funerals stay home and let’s keep washing our hands #Covid-19 is Real!

Let’s do our part so that God can do his. If you came close contact with me in any way recently say a week please test.#OnlyGod! It’s not over until God says it Over! l am doing just fine and in High spirits 🥰 #ProudlyZambian let’s show leadership! If you are Positive let your contacts know.#OnlyGod




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