Honeybee Dealer Chomba Kaoma is sick apparently, we wonder if he’s taking the same expired medicines that he supplied to millions of Zambians.
Get well soon, and give the people of Zambia some answers.



  1. Isn’t he supposed to be a fitness enthusiast? The kilos hv really piled up to give him the look of a pregnant man. Get well soon Chomba Kaoma. Zambians will want u to explain some things.

    • Max, uyu mu Guys idle mind ika mufumisha incito…..afwile a trene…..noku trena….noku trena so that he becomes fit!!!!!! He is too obese in my opinion!

  2. Zambians are a gullible lot of fools. This prick is not sick. He is changing the narrative and you’ve bought it. How sad.

  3. It is just fear that has seized the idiot, he knows that in very few months, he will be behind bars. The idiot should not commit suicide, we will help him to die after he has told the nation the truth.


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