PF aligned Hot FM owner Oscar Chavula who is also a Ngoni by tribe says Bembas are the worst tribalists.

For a while now I have been worried or rather concerned about bemba tribalism steeped in greed and desire to dominate at every stage. (If they are not ruling then they want to be in charge of all the saucy ministries or best postings in the civil service)

The exposé these recordings are bringing out smacks of deep held behaviours of our so called tribal cousins. It’s a total charade which I now detest!

It feels to me like what white people say about black people on their dinner tables. They smile at us in the offices but they call us dogs in the privacy of their own crowds.

Do we now need Bemba credentials to be served in this country surely? What the CG [ZRA commissioner General Kingsley Chanda] said was utterly inappropriate and inexcusable by any stretch whatever the excuse.

Let me share my 25% bemba lineage and see if I can get lucky and find myself at the dinner table too!

Am not from Chinsali but not entirely far off the mark. (From Mums side – My grandmother was Eliya Nyonda umwina N’gumbo, from pa mushi pa.Mwewa, Chief Mwewa in Samfya. My grandfather was January Kamanga a pure Ngoni Man)

I detest tribalism!


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