In the same way that the house he’s currently living in is being used temporarily…the HILUX was also given to him to use temporarily. The fact that he uses the President’s name to camouflage his counterfeit life doesn’t make us unaware of his antics.

I can assure you President Lungu is in no way involved in that circus of showing a HILUX and a house that costs K1.2 billion. Infact State House should issue a statement distancing itself from the conman’s bogus claims.

Do the math…an unemployed man with no stable income can not purchase a HILUX that costs $55,000…and then turn around and start selling vegetables from the same car and then claim that he’s simultaneously working on a multi-million kwacha deal….BEANS FOLKS.

So here’s the truth…the car has only been given to him by a well wisher…temporarily [ and that well wisher is not from State House ]

Some of you may ask, “Mwewa. Why does it bother you?”

Well, I just don’t like seeing the con-man create falsehoods for the purpose of hoodwinking the public. A while back I said I would give him K50,000 if he successfully filed his nomination papers…today he’s talking about supporting an established party that already has structures and organs all over the country….but the conman wants to make it sound like his support would make a difference…when infact his support is like a drop in a vast endless ocean.

I knew he would NOT file.

The conman is the consumate fraudster that lives on handouts and slander-for hire…and one day soon, he will get his comeuppance.





  1. Yaba! It seems the conman has his match. My interest is from the fact that this conman, to use Mwewa’s knowledge of him, likes belittling HH. Now to try belittling individuals like HH is somehow to say you can belittle any and everybody. Hey! One Mwewa just next door is a man this conman cannot belittle!! He must be a conman indeed.


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