By Kellys Kaunda

Find below a quote from a Facebook post of a friend of mine, Mthoniswa Banda. It might sound cruel to ask someone who has just lost a child the questions he asks but they are perfectly legitimate questions that we Christians are divinely mandated to answer all the time.

“The Bushiris are prophets of nature. They preach the good news of nature, make people believe in this nature.
Above all they heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on air under the very powers of nature.
The Bushiris are the ambassadors of nature. They are representatives, the chi -alpha of this nature.
So how can the very nature they serve under, heal for, lead people to, fail to heal their sick daughter? Mthoniswa Banda.


To you all Christians, never look for answers regarding God outside the Bible. There is no other source with answers to such important questions of life such as: how did we as human beings come into existence? Why are we here? Who or what brought us here? How did planet earth come about? Why do we suffer, fall sick and die? Who is God? How did he come about? What does he want of us? Where are we going from here? All these questions and many other life’s mega questions have been provided for in the Bible.

For starters, do not labor to prove the existence of God, the Bible never does that. From the very first chapter of Genesis, the Bible only assumes his existence hence the narrative that goes straight to telling us the creation story. The Bible answers the question of how we came into existence because God created us. We die because we disobeyed him. He will claim us back into a trusting relationship if we accept him as our personal savior whether we die or not.

As a result of the disobedience of the first human pair, every human offspring and the planet earth that supports life suffers till, in his own appointed time, God brings this episode of suffering to an end and returns planet earth to his original plan. Before then, every human being – prophet or no prophet will at some point in their life suffer and die. They may have enjoyed some privileges to heal and raise the dead, but they too will one day suffer what everyone suffers from.

This is why every prophet we read about in the Bible and every disciple we read about is dead until God raises them from the dead as the Bible states. All these answers are all written in the Bible. One word of caution is this: when you approach the Bible with external methodologies for study, it will not make any sense to you. This is why there are so many critics and criticisms labeled against this Book. But should you allow the Bible to give you its own method of scrutiny, you will encounter unity of topics and themes running like a thread from Genesis to Revelation.

Sola Scriptura – scripture upon scripture is the way to allow the Bible to make sense.


  1. A very good attempt by Kelly’s Kaunda to answer the question. There is another side of the answer coming from a little bit away from the Bible. As a general case we are on earth because of nature. And all things happen on earth because of nature. We have no part in the form nature is. He who created nature made it the way it is and we cannot change its basics. And one of nature’s basics is that living things on earth will be made of earthly materials, those on the periodic table (table of natural elements), that they will grow from young to old and then they will die. No one, especially a human being can ever change this basic form of nature. There may be a thousand ways to die but it’s the same thing it is death finally. Bushi or any Paster may have claimed possession of supernatural powers but fact is he is not the omnipotent, just a mere human and how could he change the fate of his daughter in the coarse of nature’s mechanisms. HE CAN ONLY WATCH AND LAMENT LIKE ALL OF US.

  2. Isn’t Banda’s question what the Jews were asking our Lord Jesus Christ during his passion which we commemorate this weekend? The problem is street intellectualism in Zambia. A thought strikes you and you think it is an intellectual pursuit when it is just a thought.

    • That question you are posing is the same question that was posed at Jesus on the Cross.The fact that Jesus died on the cross does not disqualify him from being God. And the fact the Bushiri has lost his daughter does not disqualify him of being a true prophet nor does it disqualify his healing miracles. The fact is that every one will pass on to be appear before God
      whether holy or not.


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