By Koswe Editors
Last night Zambia’s Electoral Commission Chief Executive Officer Patrick Nshindano featured on a “privately” owned television channel called Diamond TV at which he tried his best to hide the institution’s clandestine activities.

Firstly, we want to applaud Patrick for going to expose his ignorance and that of the PF controlled ECZ on issues such as voter register.

Any normal voter knows that new electoral boundaries or indeed creation of new constituencies cannot stop one from voting no matter what. Here is why: Each year, people are shifting from one place to another in search of survival especially under the current corrupt PF leadership that has failed to deliver jobs and business opportunities.

In 2016, people left their previous polling stations to others and when time came to change where they would be at a time of voting, they sensibly changed and voted from their new places without even acquiring a new voters card as Patrick was exhibiting his ignorance on TV last night.

One does not need to have a new voters card just because a new constituency has been created. How about in areas where new wards were created, what happened? Did those people vote bwana Patrick? Well, Koswe knows that they voted but why your so partisan views on this subject bwana Patrick?

Koswe has been attending meetings called by the PF with ECZ officials including Patrick and Esau Chulu and in fact today we can state here that Esau Chulu’s family members have been advising him to be careful with how he is planning to manipulate the next year’s elections.

Koswe recalls that when Chulu was in Dubai to clinch a deal with the Dubai election material printer, his relative (Male) phoned him to advise on the dangers of taking voters for granted but why is this institution insisting on having a new voters register now?

Our investigations reveal that the plan is to de-franchise voters. Between now and October, ECZ will start issuing voters cards but will largely concentrate in areas where PF has told them that even if they rigged there, no one would question but in areas where they feel the opposition may lead, only a small percentage of voters will be allowed to have voters cards and just like Patrick was saying last night. ECZ will just close the voters cards window period in the opposition strongholds and in fact, the plan is that by October this year, the PF rigging strategy must be done and temporary economic stabilization will be just an additive.

But who is that the PF led ECZ is fooling? Not Koswe. Bwana Patrick Nshindano we need answers to your lies and at least don’t join the bandwagon of those individuals who place their selfish interests first and not the poor voters. Respect their choice.



  1. koswe check the details on your voters card which indicates your polling station. I can only vote from the place indicated on my voters card. If new polling stations are in created in my area I can choose to re-register for the new polling station


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