.Tinene simbowe 

By Tinene simbowe

It’s that time of the political calendar yet again . when the circles of power are literally turned upside down. Instead of politicians staying in their comfortable yet stressful seats of power they finally realize they need the people who put them in power. The president , members of parliament,’mayors state council representatives are all weather willing or not need to be voted i power by you and me which is really nice .

It is after all how democracy works and should work. In rich countries they have advanced technology that controls the levels of justice in the elections so even if people cheat their way in to power people can actually feel they made a difference by voting . In Zambia, that may not be the case as we hear loads of weird things about elections not being fair and even the Commissions moderating that elections are human beings . That have the basic need to feel they can in act change that they matter .

I have read hilarious articles and cases of people going to courts after elections for suspicion of election rigging and thousands of tax payers money is used on finding. Justice instead of using it to help the poor have food and shelter . Enable people to vote . After all what they need is the majority to vote for them to win . you my dear zambian are a part of that majority. you owe it to Mother zambia, to yourself to the poor that want to vote but have no close place to vote . Because they have not had food for days they will not go walking 10 km in the compound to vote. Your vote yes you my dear is more important than you think . It’s so important the president himself will clear his calendar to walk in the same market you buy tomatoes why do you think they do that ?yes you guessed right your coming VOTE.

I am a zambian myself bu birth and I understand the frustration of a voter . You vote every year and still no change. Well it’s because we do not mobilize the small majority of our friends and family to vote for change . Tell your mother sister,tell your brother, and father that you dream of a zambia were tribalism and our differences can be overlooked. Man ,woman , boy , or girl you are important . Married single Christian or not you are important . Gay , straight poor or rich you are important we all get one vote let’s make it count .

well I can not I am in norway but you can . Please make Mother zambia proud don’t do it for the politicians whose dreams will be fulfilled and we all know they might care for us but their dream their visions come first . we can only hope those visions include you and i . our future children need a zambia that does not borrow above the recommended and pre agreed ceiling .

They need you to vote for a government focusing on paying debt on breaking even so zambia can finally have more income than expenditure .Bring back the zambia we had were children’s parents afforded even 2 meals a day . where they had access to hospitals and women yes women were listened to and just as valuable as men .

If you forget everything I just said remember this when you look in the mirror tonight remember the power you have we all get one vote make it count. it’s better to be proactive vote now than complain later



  1. The moral point of the story is excellent. But your English is terrible and makes it difficult to follow the message you are trying to convey. Your “full stops” and “commas” are everywhere and verbs inserted anywhere! You simply lack what we call “functional skills” and it’s pointless for you to resit G12 exams because you will fail miserably! The solution for you is to write in your vernacular language – it will be much easier!


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