By Kasebamashila Kaseba


Dora Siliya’s political life, fortunates and career have been like no other in the intertwinemnet of twice rising from the deaths of LPM in 2008 and MCS in 2014 to sink or kill the nascent and successor presidential careers of RB and EL.

She recently “unconsciously” accused UPND president HH of homosexuality for appeasement of EL when she similarly accused PF and MCS, when EL was in PF, for appeasement of RB and MMD.

UPND and HH then also accused PF and MCS alongside MMD and herself. She did not recall that and was not reminded by UPND.

Apart from accusing HH of homosexuality; blaming MCS legacy of careless borrowing, for appeasement of EL, as cause of the Zambian economic downturn, she also recently attacked veteran or RB’s friend and one of her predecessors VJ.

She also quarreled with Amos Chanda.

In 2010, Siliya, under pressure from PF’s denial or dismissal of RB’s economic success through attributing it to LPM’s legacy or success said MMD and RB were not obliged or mandated to uphold LPM’s legacy.

Similarly, neither are PF and EL obliged or mandated to uphold MCS legacy and later EL legacy.

Why doesn’t Siliya get in trouble for denying legacies his bosses uphold?

She unwittingly counter-denied PF’denial of RB by also denying LPM’s legacy or success as reason for continued RB economic success.

In fact, PF had actually denied LPM’s success and fight against corruption.

In short, Siliya cut RB from LPM legacy just as she is cutting EL from MCS legacy. Before MMD lost power she catalogued MMD or RB successes or foundation that she and PF are cutting from MMD and RB success.

While she cut RB from LPM and EL from MCS, she then does nothing with RB or EL legacies or the fact RB outperformed both MCS and EL.

Today, Siliya is too conflicted or twisted to concede MMD and RB worked harder and succeeded better than failed PF and EL she is praise singing better than successful MMD and RB.

RB dissolved the Task Force to establish Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) the PF of EL want to dissolve without her word.

PF has played her to play a fool in defense of PF self contradiction or destruction that in the progress of destroying legacies of others, she is also destroying her legacy.

In other words, the legacy of RB’s Siliya is better than EL’s Siliya.

After EL, she will, like to RB, have nothing to do with EL’s legacy perhaps to praise sing UPND and HH’s performance.

Today, she is instrumental in falsely accusing UPND or HH of homosexuality after regionalism or tribalism just as she accused PF and MCS.

Actually, UPND or HH once courted her to defect to UPND from MMD after she seemed to offer herself to the highest bidder after suffering accusations and corruption persecutions by the PF and MCS. She defected to PF.

EL and Siliya are supposed to be Nsenga tribesmen from Petauke. She is Petauke Central MP. For them, there is no tribalism to that.

While the Bemba side deified EL with “Christians for Lungu”; her Nsenga side, detribalised EL with “My Tribe is Zambia” to counter accuse tribal opponents of UPND being tribally Tonga tribalists.

Well, in Zambia, the Zambian semi-official tribes are considered languages whereas the other 65 unofficial languages, including Nsenga of Petauke, are considered tribes.

Otherwise, PF, EL or the state’s marginalisation of 65 tribes,– plus say Gwembe Tonga of Lake Kariba, Lenje and Soli of Lusaka and Lamba of the Copperbelt — is not considered marginalisation or tribalism or state tribalism.

In short, Kariba, Lusaka and Copper are only Zambian without being Tonga, Lenje and Soli, and Lamba respectively.

That is how Tonga as one of the top two or three Zambian semi-official languages, among the seven, without EL and Siliya’s Nsenga among 65 unofficial tribes, is in their counter offensive the one that is unofficial and tribal.

That is how twisted or contradicted Siliya has been in separating leaders from succession and legacies as well as promotion of nationalism through tribalism.



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