Due To High standard of living some PF thug eats road . The PF boasts to have constructed roads as development.

Practical Steps:

By anonymous..

1. Find something that you can do
that doesn’t need you to import but
to produce with local materials
2. Find something that you can be

3. Dont sell any of your assets now.
4. If you have some traditional land buy cattle
now and keep especially if your
home area is not hit with the

5. Downsize. If u have a car
downsize to a smaller and more fuel
efficient model. If you are renting
full house downsize to a smaller
house or change suburbs.

6. Dont do things for prestige.But on your children try to put them on better schools with better education bcz nowadays its wise to invest in education for you children
7. If you have space grow
vegetables, breed chickens or pigs
8. If you are renting but have a
stand elsewhere move to your stand.
Build something basic and go stay at
your stand. Forego luxury living

9. If you are married dont fight over
money. Put your
heads together and think of survival
tactics instead of fighting and
accusing each other.Not everyone can sell things or be a
10. Be at peace! This is important.
Stress levels will go up.
God bless you.


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