18 years ago, the Battle for the King’s enthronement in Barotseland had reached the semi-finals on this particular day the 11th October.
The Barotse electoral college comprises of Mikwae and bana ba Malena together with some BRE Indunas met to choose who was to be the New Litunga of the Barotse Kingdom.

Three names where on the paper on who was to be the Litunga, namely;
1. Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta
2. Senior chief Lubosi Imwiko
3. Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika

The voting was conducted independently and Inyambo Yeta won the elections, upon seeing that Inyambo had won GRZ disreputed the process.

Zambia’s regime under late President Fredrick Chiluba sent Zambia police and soldiers were deployed in Limulunga and Lealui.

The MMD sponsored group lead by then Induna imbwae realized that their candidate was headed for lose, the contented that Senior chief Inyambo Yeta was still young and needed to give chance to his uncles and that his father was just from the throne, and that there was need to choose from the other Royal family members of Imwiko, Mbikusita, Mwanawina and other grandchildren of Lewanika. They argued that despite Senior chief Inyambo Yeta having experience, being a lawyer, long serving senior chief at that time (22 years on the throne), he needed to give chance to his uncles.

The Chiluba regime did not want Inyambo Yeta to be on the throne as they had unfinished business with him, Chiluba had been fighting him together with his late father.

This is how they voted:
1. Late Mulena Makwibi of Nalolo voted for Inyambo Yeta
2. Mulena mukwae Mboanjikana of Libonda voted for Inyambo Yeta
3. Senior chief Lukama late mebeelo of Sioma voted for Akashambatwa
4. Chief Mwene-chiengele late nyumbu of Mushuwa in Nan’oko voted for Inyambo Yeta
5. Chief Mwene-kandala of Yuka in Mabumbu voted for Inyambo Yeta
6. Late Chief Mwene-kahare of Njonjolo in KAOMA voted for Akashambatwa
7. Senior chief Amukena Isiteketo voted for Inyambo Yeta

The Royal family and the council was influenced by MMD government as brown envelopes were dished out to selected prominent family heads and didn’t even vote but they just made a declaration that it’s Lubosi Imwiko who was to the next Litunga

The same Nabiwa Imikendu, then Induna Imbwae and his group announced the results and threatened to deal with any disturbances across the kingdom.

Majority of people in Barotseland didn’t like Lubosi, therefore, protests were organised in order to block the enthronement.

The person who won the elections was even blocked to move. Nabiwa Imikendu with MMD regime with the help of the Police and soldiers were on the 10th October evening flown to Lukulu and picked up Lubosi Imwiko and he was brought in a covered blanket. When coming back from lukulu, the Imikendu group never reached Limulunga, instead they just went direct to Makono Royal centre.

Zambia police and soldiers were deployed across Limulunga , Mongu, Lealui and Kalabo to offer security incase any protest erupted.

Zambia’s defense Choppers were flying in the sky and police officers had camped in the Barotse Plains.

Limulunga Museum managing Director Mukela Manyando was picked as Acting Ngambela, Nyambe Nyambe was picked as Induna Mukubesa and late Mr Katula was picked as Induna Mutwaleti. Late Kamitondo was picked as Induna Ingangwana , Mr Nyambe currently Induna ingangwana was picked as Induna muwana, Mr shita was picked as Induna , late Mr Libinda was picked as Induna kololo, Mr mwanamwamba was picked as Induna Mukulwakashiko, Late Mr Mutumweno Sikota was picked as Induna Natamoyo etc

Mafulo were built just next to the Palace and everything was ready for the enthronement event. Royal Drums, Maoma, xylophone, security guards, Limba, ma-mbeti, and the new uniform was organized and brought from Britain.

Lubosi Imwiko managed to go through the process that is required to undergo before becoming Litunga. He spent his nights in Makono Royal village koo bulena bu fetwa.

On 13the October which was on Friday , Zambian government sent a delegation of full cabinet ministers which arrived in Lealui Royal village at around 12hrs. A platoon full of police officers surrounded Lealui as the New Litunga was brought in from Makono. The small boat arrived amid tight security at the left side of Nayuma Harbor were the new Litunga was brought in. He was received with mixed feelings from people who have gathered to welcome the new king. The Limba women sung praises thanked Nyambe for giving them a Litunga though they were hearted and disappointed. That’s how Lubosi Imwiko became Litunga.



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