Chinese tech giant Huawei has been granted a go ahead to mount security cameras across Lusaka in a project to turn Lusaka into a Smart City.

Last week, the Lusaka City Council during a Special Full Council meeting approved 2019 the Huawei proposal to turn Lusaka into a Smart City.

Progressive Cities in Africa like Cape town and Kigali are already Smart or ICT managed to enhace Revenue and curb income or cash leakages from human handling of cash.

Huawei already has similar ventures with the Cuth of Kigali in Rwanda and

Huawei proposal will supply Smart Street, Market and Bus stop Lights that have electronic billboards to maximise income from advertising.

The Chinese company will also install cameras to be used for 24 Hrs security surveilance at markets and bus stops.

The Cameras will also be used to monitor car parks in the Central Business District and charge motorist based on video captures away from manual man approach of staff demanding and receiving cash payments from motorists.

Huawei is also proposing to install Wifi within a 30 meters radius and allow residents to browse for free for the first 10 minutes and later buy a recharge voucher from a booth as a way of increasing revenue for LCC.



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