The Boma Local Court in Lusaka has granted divorce to couple that has been married for 15 years because the husband spends too time on praying instead of working.

This was a case in which Nakapizye Chungu took Derek Sikazwe to court.

Chungu told senior local court magistrate Gaston Kalala she wanted divorce because her husband was irresponsible and only stayed home praying while she provided for the family.

She said after they got married in 2004, they never lived well for a long time because Sikazwe never used to support the family.

“I was always the one paying rent and buying food. I never saw any support from him. Most times he would just stay home praying while I was out making money.

“I saw it fit for him to babysit sometimes because he just stayed home. I just want a divorce and for him to be supporting our children,” Chungu said.

Sometimes Sikazwe would go home and eat without even asking where the food had come from.

“A husband should be a provider, but he was never even concerned about where the food he ate came from. He disappeared and stopped communicating,” Chungu said.

She said she did not know where he was and she was left alone to care for the children.

However, Sikazwe told the court that he accepted to divorce his wife because from the start, she had been treating him like a dependent and not a husband.

“I’m the one who used to bath and take the child to the toilet while she’s out doing business. Yes, she would pay rent and the child’s school fees, but I would also help out sometimes. I’m the one who used to cook because she would come at 22:00 hours and just be on her phone,” he said.

“I used to sleep in tears because in the bedroom she would tell me “taunsekesha[you don’t make me happy]”.

She told me I look sick. So we always used condoms when having sex,” Sikazwe said.

He said he complained to a pastor who told him the problem was that she had money and I didn’t.

Sikazwe said he disappeared from home because of some issues and his wife told the children that he was in prison for stealing people’s money.

“As I was trying to solve those issues, I heard my wife was seen pregnant and with another man who she told that I was just a ‘by the way’ thing.

“She told me I’m not her type and that I should find someone else. My wife likes a luxury life. I can’t afford,” Sikazwe submitted.

The court granted the divorce with no compensation because both contributed to the downfall of the marriage.

It also found that the marriage could not work as there was infidelity in the wife’s part and no support from the husband.


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