John Sangwa

Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa says he has written a petition against President Edgar Lungu’s nomination to run for a third term.

Sangwa said he drafted the petition which he is keeping on his laptop, waiting for the time to come.

He made these remarks when he featured on Frank on Hot program on Hot FM on January 28, 2020.

The Constitutional lawyer and State Counsel said he is waiting to challenge Lungu’s nomination as 2021 Presidential candidate, should the Patriotic Front go ahead to field him.

Sangwa insisted that he has no political ambitions, but remains interested in protecting and defending the Republican Constitution.

Meanwhile, Sangwa said if the PF insists that Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 represents the will of the people, they should call for a referendum to test its popularity.

Apparently, Lungu’s intention to run for a third term is subject for debate.

A number of technicalities are coming up as to if he is eligible or not.



  1. Such information should be regarded as classified. I fear for the life of State Counsel Sangwa. Some stupid PF cadre may decide to attack him.

  2. Edgar and his PF leadership must learn from his Malawi counterpart. Enough is enough. Make peace with all Zambians. Dont force people to force to leave that position of presidency. Pride goes before a fall. Please even other PF well beings and who are in good standing, please advice ECL to submit and be submissive to Zambians.


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