I can never sink so low like my brother Pilato to compose a political song in favour of Hakainde Hichilema because I am more popular than the man myself” Singer Jordan Katembula Popularly known as JK has charged. Addressing PF carders after visiting some cholera centers in Lusaka this afternoon, JK said it would be insane of him to start supporting a man who he said was junior to him in terms of popularity across the country.


“I came on the scene a long time ago before Zambians even came to know of Hakainde Hichilema.” JK boasted while pressing his new expensive IPhone 6.”HH is only known in 8 provinces, but am known countrywide, i think you know what I mean”.


“So, I can never sing a campaign song for him even if he has to pay me double the amount the PF is giving me”. “Am more popular than him in this country. Let Pilato continue dancing for him, not me. I think am above that level!”.


Mr Katembula also said he could defeat HH if the two were allowed to contest any parliamentary seat in Eastern or Muchinga Province.

The PF supporter was responding to questions from concerned Ruling Party Carders who wanted him to clarify on rumours that he was composing a campaign song in support of HH for 2021 campaigns.


Jk is a legend in the Zambian Music Scene who composed and Produced PF’s 2016 popular political song “Dunana Reverse” .




    • Iwe kalembula or katembula, take your stupidity elsewhere. You are not even more popular than a croaking frog for God’s sake. Why do you overate yourself you foolish PF thief? HH leads the biggest Political Party in Zambia foolish jk if you don’t know.

  1. The guy just confessed that PF is paying him…..for what?

    “So, I can never sing a campaign song for him even if he has to pay me double the amount the PF is giving me”.
    What a stupid guy……stay on your lane. You are not a musician. I have listen to your pathetic attempt at singing, you are simply not made to sing. You compare yourself to HH!! What a joke..HH does not sing for Lungu for a meal. Pilato is in a place you will never be. He is a musician, poet, philosopher, activist, conscience…while you are just a bubble gum sort of musician with no meaning to what you sing/yap about. GO TO HELL YOU PATHETIC DUNUNA REVERSE IDIOT. Learn to respect and appreciate people who have made it in life. Problem with a lot of you is that you idolize thieves.

  2. JK don`t think all seasons are the same.You think when you are in summer today and you are seeing green grass around you,it will be like that throughout.The weather will change one day.You will find yourself either in winter or autumn.Boasting is not the thing my young man.Mwikala patalala mwine upatalalika.Instead of you to compare yourself to your fellow musicians you go for HH who has never had time to talk about you and he will never have that time .

  3. Ubupubafye bweka bweka. Ngabali kweteko ulupiya nga HH, he could have foolishly gone to stand as president in USA even when he is not eligible

  4. I am also surprised to hear a so called jk comparing his popularity to HH’s. Why can’t u compare with your fellow musicians? Out of all the songs u sing, none of them are meaningful and I stopped listening to your music. So stop comparing your popularity with that of HH because HH is known world wide than u.

  5. Jordan, already what you have done is that you have reduced the number of people who were supposed to feed you at your concerts or shows or whatever you call then by a very big number just by what you have said, but the truth is that you will soon come back to your senses and confess but by then people would have already ticked you off, sometimes it is good to reflect before you say anything, look at the consequences, your fans go across political affiliation but not you have shown political alignment meaning all those who do not like your political party will also not like you or whatever you stand for, see my point, today you may say you don’t care but tomorrow you will, mark my words. today is 11th January 2018, you should keep this day of advise because you shall remember this advice.

  6. Jk I used to be ur fun, just realised how shollow mined you are. Please stay out of lane , what were you doing even at the cholera scene, u wanted to sing for patients your a fool.

  7. They all see HH in everything they do…. its cholera but the guy is thinking about HH even the so called party leaders are so obsessed with the name HH please JK don’t compare yourself with HH you are far from it you can not even share a table with him even if you washed your hands with Jik … yaba but this guys am really sorry for you….

  8. At Ur Level U Cliaming To Be Jk U Should Be Competing On International Level But U Knw U Can’t No Wonder U Just Wait For Election Time To Be Head.U Ar Finished My Brother Coz Even The Up Coming Chaps U Can’t Compit Wit Them.

  9. Whom do u think u’re JK? U’re just good at fucking your fellow men in the anus. JK is a poverty striken fool. He only puts food on his table by dancing for the ruling party. In 2006 he danced for Mwanawansa, in 2008 & 2011 he danced for RB insulting Mr Sata and PF. JK is such a fool who has been hit badly by poverty that he can dance for Mr HH if comes to power today. JK earns a living by dacing for the party in power. HH is great cannot be compared to useless JK.

  10. No matter what, I can never attended this illiterate’s show. He’s so shallow minded that he thinks he’s in the class of HH. What a foolish joker you are Ba jk. Just continue eating crumbs from your corrupt sponsors who will soon be out of power.

  11. Point of correction uyo munyamata did not compose nununa reverse, but some old women’s self help group from eastern province were appreciating the works they had done in their community and come up with a song that they will not go back in reverse gear but forge ahead.

    • Yes bro. The song is from eastern province done by women. He did not compose it. In fact he should be made to pay for stealing intellectual property.

  12. One day I materialized into a rat and met this rat which was boasting about being popular among its fellow rats because they used it to dance for them. I asked the rat if it was aware that there are elephants and lions in the bush, the rat told me that to the best of its knowledge no other species exist apart from the rats. I could not go on asking and left quietly because I came to know the truth.

  13. look now,Pilato is a better composer than you fool…and you can be more popular than HH but you are not as intelligent as he is.If you did not know most people in Zambia regard you as a foolish singer…lol…I can play a guitar better than you Mr fool…I don’t know you even know how play a drum….your music sack big time.

  14. Just like another foolish musician in Congo D.R known as Koffi Olomi-Mbwa…he is foolish celebrating the change of regime in Liberia and he he is supporter of Joseph Kabila back home.

  15. jk are you not the one who was dancing kankuluwale Kiki I thought you had grown up but know you haven’t yet grown think before talking that’s Wise people do don’t compare yourself you are still very far not even the one you support…

  16. kikikikikiki! Wonders shall never end. The little nonentity numskull has the impetus to insult elders. Get out with your ya kumbuyo legacy.

  17. kkkkkkkkkkkk wh remember this sing SIYOMBOKA LUVINE YAYE SIYOMBOKA.jk he is finished only campening songs ar makeing him like to be populary.bt he is not populary.Rich beezy is more popular thn jk.even kanene is more popular thn jk

  18. Hahahahaha…another stupid foolish joker…abena “make noise so that you can eat”…monkey without a tail in the maize field…in the bush i can mistake you for a baboon and use my .45 to shoot…too much water in that big head…we dont know you in UK…

  19. I can never sink so low to vote for Edgar Lungu or Pf or listen to Jk’s music because am too handsome for these fools
    Iwe Ka JK stop the fight you can’t finish by the way am a 20 year old zambian musician who will fix some of you stupid musicians who have never change the face of zambian music to better because you always do Childsh music
    Let me ask you av you ever sang a maturity song ever since you started your stupid career and you want to start ukunyela amasushi to our father of the nation let me tell you,you fool
    H H + UPND is for better and mature zambia
    Chikunyonge season
    Kuli ba President HH tekwakunyela amasushi

  20. Comment:
    what else have you done in this country apart from music what you know is just singing and enjoying money for your self but that is a political leader of u. p .n. d
    and any day from now he who be a president of Zambia but u remain a musician think before you act u foolish musician of Zambia

  21. Wait and see my dear you will know ,what it means if you have mouth stupidity, who are you to be honey you know to be fucking your fellow men that’s what we know about you young stupid boy , you can’t even stand with Cheif 187 is more better than you foolish jodarn katembufwee

  22. Why does he spend time fighting Pilato when Pilato is talking about national issues? Who employed? He sings songs for theives so that they can give him crumbs of stolen money. He is an accomplice who will be arrested once there is change of Government.

  23. Comment: you see now you start insulting jk who’s no insulting your boss HH but your so called pilato he insulted the head state almost everytime but I never heard who put comment on pilato’s stupid, come to the agenda for jk is more popular than HH it’s very true I personally I know jk when I was 15 yrs old in 1995 but now I am 39, while I know HH in 2008.iam sure you’re able to see now moreover jk is not a cheap musician as you are indicated nooo,the cheapest one is pilato’s and any other thanks

  24. JK’s raising issue on pilato and the innocent HH is same as a dog chasing elephants, do you think the dog will catch the elephants? definitely not… I personally think its just part of wasting his time instead of thinking how to recompose a song titled kakuluwale

  25. Yes JK we agree with you that you are popular than president HH, it’s because you are a satanist you should be like that. But mind you man is untouchable

  26. Really! You can compare yourself to HH and Pilato? These are men of principle and character you can’t measure yourself against by all parameters imaginable. Fimo ifintu ku iceceta, ebuuntu. Now you have completely lost it!

  27. Yes JK we agree with you that you are popular than president HH, it’s because you are a satanist you should be like that. But mind you the man is untouchable

  28. Kanshi iyi mbwa finishi ilebosa. Can he compared topilato? Pilato is a graduate, not imwe mwembutuma. Useless stupid idiot.Dont ever mention our beloved HH, go on a continue bakabwalala, abena chitotela nabena Chilufya ukubikapo na namwenye lubinda, keep licking their feet.

  29. Stop sleeping with your fellow men, then you will think like a normal person. The rate at where you are going. Sad. HH and pilato, baume not you grande 4 failure. I have stopped listening to your songs for good.


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