He wrote;


Past few weeks have been weeks coupled with a lot of activities that have negatively affected my clients and my business. What happened is not something I can take pride in and I write this with a deepest sense of humility to all that were affected and those that celebrate my brand.
I take great pride in giving my 100% every day to provide fast and friendly service to every customer who calls, but in this instance, I failed.

I understand how frustrating, upsetting, disruptive this problem has been for you and know how the failure to deliver outfits on time must have impacted your workflows.

I am sorry that I failed to meet your expectations as agreed and this was attributed to many bookings i receive on a daily basis and overwhelming work load that i overlooked.

Going forward, I am going to take steps to ensure that this situation does not happen again. For starters, I have started a refund exercise to those that had their events inconvenienced because of negligence on my part. For those whose events are upcoming in the next few weeks, I promise to deliver all outfits according to the agreed delivery period.

Additionally, I will NOT be receiving payments straight from clients into my personal account. All bookings will be handled by our Sales and Marketing manager and all payments will be made available to Harris Nation Stylist company account which banking details will be provided upon request.

Again, I’m deeply sorry this has happened to you. It’s not the experience I wish to create for any of my customers. Thank you for always supporting and believing in my brand.

I thank you



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