By KT entertainment

MUSICIAN Tanonga Nswana popularly known Tboy’s newly wedded wife has described Zambian women as cruel and heartless.

She says she is not bothered that the entire social media is talking about her looks adding that she is far more educated than many Zambian women and gets paid a lot of money in the USA where she is based.

Mrs TBoy says many women in Zambia are prostitutes who have no income but spend time on social media to discredit other people doing well than them.

Social Media users in Zambia are mocking the looks of the wife to Tboy whom they say looks five times older than the artist himself.

Some are comparing Mrs Tboy to Mrs TSean in their effort to malign the newly wedded couple.

Two sensational gossip sites dubbed Pamulomo and Tumfweko yesterday reported that Tboy’s wife is TSean’s ex-lover and that the duo who were once close mates opted to go separate ways because of the same woman.

However, the wedding of the celebrated artist was only attended by Brian Bwembya popularly known as BFlow and was shunned by Tsean, an incident which has given many Zambians thrust to believe that indeed the two once partners in music have gone separate ways because of the woman in question.


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