SEER 1 Writes; I do not want you to misunderstanding this BATTLE. This is not a battle between I and the Zambian people, no it’s a battle between me and the useless PF government.

I love Zambia as a nation and will never ever go into war with a nation that gave me home for 7 good years.

It’s not about me going back to Zambia when PF loses elections. My legs are never ever stepping on Zambian soil anymore, I have nothing to benefit or lose when PF loses elections.

All I want is that the people of Zambia must be freed from the mess we have put them into through spiritually imposing a visionless leader on them that has completely destroyed the country beyond repair.

Once that is done, I will have peace and wash my hands off. As for now, I have no peace, I barely sleep at night looking at the pain that we have caused the innocent people of Zambia.



  1. Please let’s not disparage those who lend themselves to speak for the docile, timid, deprived and, oppressed with no access to platforms that they can be heard! Many in history spoke for and about other countries for emancipation and get celebrated as Panafricanists ranging from Nkrumah through Nyerere and Zambia’s own KK! The world is a global village and nothing stops the people living in it to participate in making it a better place to live in! Countries through the leadership’s have come to the rescue of other countries in distress and so if the Zambia has a good proportion of the population feeling marginalized and stressed out living without platform to air grievances, let the likes of Seer1 who have the right to comment on their own observations and knowledge use their platform to help people like the pan Africans before them did only difference between them being the topics covered! Bottom line it’s all for the benefit of people’s lives!


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