All Peoples Congress Party President Nason Msoni says he can do a better job as President of the republic with his government comprising of men and women of proven integrity.

In a statement issued to the media Msoni said the current government leadership led by President Edgar Lungu was incompetent and lacked the integrity to move the country forward both economically and socially.

He explained that he has been fortunate as an opposition leader to have been tutored for the role of head state.

“Am fortunate that amongst my peers on the Opposition bench I have had the rare opportunity and privilege to have been meticulously tutored and well prepared and groomed for the role of head of state.

“Am a political leader informed and deeply imbued with political convictions based on ideology that speaks to the welfare and  emancipation of the people,” he said.

He noted that the country desperately needs a leader untainted by corruption in the past or at present.

“Zambia desperately needs a leader of discipline and a leader untainted by any Corruption of either the present or of the past. My hands are clean for the Job.

“I pledge to unify Zambia as per our motto of one Zambia one Nation. I believe this is the moment. Zambia needs this man at this hour of need and destiny,” he said.



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