UPND Mp For Ikelenge Elijah Muchima


United Party for National Development ( UPND) Member of Parliament for Ikeleng’i Constituency in the North Western Province Elijah Muchima has rubbished speculations that he is positioning himself to join the ruling Patriotic Front.

The speculation follows his presence at a rally addressed by President Edgar Lungu in Ikeleng’i District two days ago.

Mr Muchima explained that he decided to attend the meeting in his capacity as Member of Parliament and welcome President Lungu to his constituency to talk about development and not politics.

He said before going to the meeting, he informed the UPND National Chairman Mutale Nalumango and the Secretary General Steven Katuka about attending the meeting.

There has been speculation on Social Media that Mr Muchima appeared to talk favourably about President Lungu because he intended to join the ruling party.

But Mr Muchima said he was busy mobilising the people in his constituency to support President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

‘’I am a principled man. I’m UPND through and through. I cannot ditch my party to join PF,” said Mr Munchima


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  1. This is my worries as well Elijah so well known so well spoken to join sinking boat may be because of bill 10 NO. Please come back to your senses don’t be like that Lozi man whom i don’t want to mention in my phone for fear of the phone to have viruses. That man is a big traitor when joining upnd with sweet talk. Very useless man.

  2. There is no problem in talking about development projects with the President. After all he is president for all zambians and not just PF. But you shouldn’t then become a traitor to your party and to the people who voted for you. As long as you know the boundaries then you are ok.

  3. You need to drink some Jameson. Go for it, it is free when the master of it is in the area. After all any talk after Jameson is forgotten you can promise him anything including your brains Bwana MP. I guarantee you it will be forgotten just the like the debt he was borrowing. He will also forget that he paid advisors and borrow again without their input. So don’t worry about any deal just ensure there is Jameson in the middle. Napwisha


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