Senanga member of parliament (UPND) Mukumbuta Mulowa

By Kamuti Muyambela in Mongu

There was a war of words between ‘rebel’ UPND Senanga member of parliament Mukumbuta Mulowa and youths in his constituency when they requested to meet their area MP to discuss issues surrounding Bill 10.

Earlier, the youths were incensed with Mulowa’s statement claiming that the people of Senanga had accepted Bill 10.

When youths heard that, they decided to call Mulowa for a meeting to express their dismay over his statement.

Youth leader only identified as Wamunyima called Mulowa and the conversation went as follows:

“Phone rings”:

Mulowa: Wamunyima!

Wamunyima: Yes please.

Mulowa: You have your own political life, ai?

Wamunyima: No, there is an issue that is why we want to meet you.

Mulowa: Hallo.

Wamunyima: We want to meet you over an issue of Bill 10. We have a few questions which we are supposed to ask you.

Mulowa: You have a few questions you want to ask me?

Wamunyima: Yes, as MP for Senanga.

Mulowa: Ask me now.

Wamunyima: But can’t we meet you if you are in Senanga? Why should we speak on the phone?

Mulowa: You don’t need to know where I am. Can we speak.

Wamunyima: Ok, the issue is Mr MP, Mr Mulowa, we respect you so much. We are the people who voted you into that office. We needed to make an…(Mulowa interrupts…)

Mulowa: Wamunyima, you never voted for me.

Wamunyima: I never voted for you, who did I vote for?

Mulowa: I don’t know.

Wamunyima: Ok, let me tell you now Mr Mulowa, Me, I am not a coward. I am told there are some people you have taken to Mongu, and we have all that information. So, Mr Mulowa, we are the people who were born in this place. And Mr Mulowa, I am warning you that me, I can handle you with nobody behind.

Mulowa: oh, oh!

Wamunyima: Yes.

Mulowa: You can handle me?

Wamunyima: Yes, You don’t have to start putting your words in people’s mouths that we have accepted Bill 10 when the Senanga people have never accepted that.

Mulowa: Who said that?

Wamunyima: You said that yourself?

Mulowa: Did you watch…can you send me that…?

Wamunyima: Not watching, you said it yourself.

Mulowa: errr…Wamunyima!

Wamunyima: Yes, Mulowa.

Mulowa: I think, try to be very careful.

Wamunyima: Me, I am not a coward person!

Mulowa: Don’t …if you want to compete with me, just prepare yourself.

Wamunyima: I am not competing with you. I am ready for you.

Mulowa: Why do you want to correct me, if I did issue that…?

Wamunyima: The issue is Bill 10 which you are pushing around. The people of Senanga have not accepted Bill 10 you are talking about. We are ready to meet you and you don’t want to meet us. What type of an MP are you?

Mulowa: You are not the only people. (He stammers)….you are just competing with me.

Wamunyima: Not competing with you, we just want to talk with you as member of parliament for Senanga constituency. There are few questions we need to ask.

Mulowa: Why only you, and not all the people are complaining?

Wamunyima: No, no, no…Mulowa, Senanga is not your village, it is for everybody. I am ready to meet you.

Mulowa: You are ready to meet me for what?

Wamunyima: I am ready to meet you and talk to you on one to one.

Mulowa: So, you want to force me to meet you?

Wamunyima: Yes please.

Mulowa: You want to force me?

Wamunyima: Not to force you! You are the member of parliament for Senanga, we need to meet you.

Mulowa: I don’t come closer to people like you. Is it clear? Even the way you talk, you are the people who have been insulting me….

Wamunyima (interjects): No, no, no, no, you have never seen me on the platform, the moment you see me on the platform, you will understand what I am talking about.

Mulowa: What are you talking about?

Wamunyima: We are telling you of Bill 10 in Senanga is not accepted, Mulowa!.

Mulowa: Let me ask you. Why are you not accepting it? Can you tell me sub clauses which are there? Can you tell me the sub clauses, how you understand them?

Wamunyima: Can you please tell me of the meeting so that we talk of Bill 10. Do you want us to protest against you Mulowa? Do you want the youths of Senanga to march against your will of the Bill 10?

Mulowa: Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Wamunyima: So, we should….

Another youth (chips in): Mulowa, do you remember that time at Namatombo, what did you say? I voted for you and what you are doing now is not good, I am telling you. I voted for you there at Namatombo. When you came that night, I was there Mulowa. Understand Mulowa, we are the youths of Senanga and we are ready to meet you Mulowa. You don’t know what you are doing in Senanga, are you getting my point?

Mulowa (interrupts): err..!!!

Youth: Listen, why are you failing to meet us Mulowa?

Mulowa: First, can you tell me what your name is; what is your name?

Youth: There is no need for the name. Why are you hiding yourself? Can you come out; come and show up yourself?

Mulowa (Gets angry): You are an idiot! I have taken note of both of you, cannot threaten me. You are an idiot!

Wamunyima (chips in): Mulowa, no one is threatening you. We just want to meet you.

Mulowa: I am recording whatever you are saying.

Youth: We don’t care about the failure MP like you. We even regret voting for you.

Mulowa: oooh! How did I fail…how did I fail?

Youth: What development have you brought in Senanga? From the things that you promised us, what have you done in Senanga, you? How many meetings have you held in Senanga since you became MP?

Mulowa: Then you don’t know, just because you don’t come to my meetings. You just want to fight me.

Youth: Why should I fight you? What do you give me? I am a man on my man, I feed myself. (All) we want is you to do the right things for the youths of Senanga.



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