Sep 11, 2017

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has continued saying that he habours no hate for President Lungu even after keeping him in jail for 127 days without a reason.

Hichilema or HH as he is commonly called was recently freed after being incarcerated on trumped up treason charges. This was after the state entered a nolle prosequi.

In a message to his supporters urging them to campaign in areas where there are by-elections coming up on September 14, 2017, HH is also appealing for peaceful campaigns.

” Please as you campaign, tell everyone that our party President, HH harbors no hate even after 127 days of him being in jail for no reason,” HH said. “We wish to use this opportunity to encourage our members across the country in areas where there are by -elections to campaign responsibly even amidst violent provocation from the opponent.”

HH says he is aware that some of his supporters are being maimed and attacked during campaigns.

“But we ask you not to pay back with violence because if you do so, then innocent people will not see the difference between us and those violent people,” says HH.

The Commonwealth has brokered talks between HH and his political rival, President Lungu following a disputed 2016 election.

The two leaders have been advised to bury the differences that emerged after the disputed poll and focus on 2021 election.




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