By Patson Chilemba

I don’t know about David Mabumba’s upbringing, says ruling PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Mabumba was yesterday fired as minister of General Education by President Edgar Lungu, after videos and images of him producing pornographic materials went viral. However, he still remains a PF member and also member of parliament for Mwense in Luapula Province.

Speaking with Daily Revelation over the conduct of their own member, Phiri said Mabumba should speak for himself on why he engaged in the activities he engaged in, saying he was an adult who must be answerable for his own actions. She said activities such as those Mabumba was engaged in did not represent the ruling party’s character.

“Just because I am the deputy secretary general does he sleep at this office? It’s not the character of everybody. You know you talk to him, honourable is an adult I can’t speak on his behalf as much as he is our member. I have no control over his private life. That’s his private life. As I have said I haven’t seen the pictures unless if you are telling me that they were taken at the secretariat,” said Phiri. “Please speak to me where they taken at the secretariat? That’s his private life. I cannot comment, one I don’t know his upbringing we have just met as a party and he has his private life. I wish I can move with him because I am the deputy SG I start putting people under my care which is not possible. They were not taken at the secretariat.”



  1. Honorable Mumbi Phiri knows how to dodge, Madam at this trying moment in Honorable Mabumbas life try to bring him nearer so that he can not think that he is 100% forsaken.

  2. I don’t understand why sex related scandals make other people holier than those committing them. Yet the same holier people are committing them secrecy. Corruption is even worse than sex scandals.

  3. Not the character of the party but of the government. Kikikiki. While sex scandals affect just the few affected, theft and corruption affects every Zambian including the unborn innocent children. That is the character of your party, we also don’t know your upbringing but you are a bunch of long fingers creatures.


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