A Deaconess at Apostles Church of Zambia has alleged before the Mansa Local court that her jealous husband, a deacon, at the same church barricades their house to prevent her relatives and friends from entering the yard because he fears that they will introduce her to other men.

Brenda said her husband is a jealous man who beats her up each time he returns home from work and when he finds tyre prints in the yard.

“One day, my husband returned home and found tyre prints. He alleged that my lovers had come and slept with me, he got so furious that he got a knife and stabbed me in my right arm,” she said.

“My husband has put barriers at our matrimonial home and no one enters our yard, not even my relatives or friends. I cannot continue to stay with such a jealous man”, she said.


  1. It’s true – this woman likes shagging too much which is why hubby is barricading the house with entry barriers. What else could he do with a wife who opens her legs to anyone with a PR.i.k.


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