Ndola’s Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport Chief Security Officer Fridah Mupasha Mweetwa has revealed that she has been suspended together with airport manager Joseph Mumbi for allowing United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to sit in the VIP lounge.

In an interview with journalists in Ndola, Mweetwa confirmed her suspension, saying she does not know what awaits her in as far as her job security is concerned and that she will wait for her employers to say what comes next.

Early this week Police roughed up Hichilema at the airport as he was leaving Copperbelt after spending a weeked on the province which was also characterised with drama which includes almost being ejected from St Joseph Catholic Church for allegedly not having a permit.

And a concerned Zambian has condemned the suspension of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport staff.

Yona Musukwa says the levels of pettiness in the current government are demonic and will never Zambia anywhere.

“No wonder Zambia is now the official laughing stock of the world. We have no idea how much money is leaving this country through illicit financial flows. We have no idea how much copper, cobalt and natural resources are leaving this country. But we have all the time to be sniffing for nonsense, who is treating opposition leaders nicely, who is talking to the opposition, which churches the opposition are attending and many such nonsense that will not advance or move this country forward”, Musukwa said in a statement.

“How on earth do you suspend someone from work for treating his fellow human being nicely? What type of human beings are these mwebantu?”



  1. Giving Pf A Vote Is The Most Deadly Sin I Have Ever Comitted In My Life, Its Better To Die Than To Vote For Pf And Lungu Who Has Messed Up The Economy Of This Nation, In Short He Is A Failure. He Is Punishing Innocent People As If He Is A Demon.


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