Saboi Imboela

NDC spokesperson, Saboi Imboela, says she has not been arrested, but has only been called by the police for interrogation.

She thanked the police for maintaining highest standards of professionalism and her lawyer for the good work.

“I am ok and not arrested. Thanx to u all for the love and support. The Zambia Police was very professional and my lawyer was brilliant as usual,” she said.

Imboela also thanked party members for their support and prayers.

“My President, the first lady, our National Chairman, the MCCs of the party, officials and members were at hand to support me,” she said.

“I was called by the police but they said they will call me back later if anything comes up.

“So no I was not arrested or detained, I am safely back home with my family and loved ones. Will brief u all tomorrow. Aluta Continua!!!!!” added Imboela.


  1. They will call you back if someone tells them what to do or how to abuse the law with impunity. How many Republican presidents exist in the whole world? Imbila ya mushi tabayasukila. If these guys were wise, they should find those who are trying to fit someone into imbila yamushi to be defaming the one they are trying to squeeze in. Yaa, this country has really gone to the dogs or may be the dogs have come to the country as FTJ said.

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