Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba says he wants the Constitutional amendment bill number 10 to be enacted.

Mr Kabimba says bill 10 goes beyond partisan affiliations and should be supported as he dispelled media reports that he has been paid to support the bill saying there should be respect for those holding divergent views.

Speaking when he featured on pan African radio Monday morning, Mr. Kabimba further said he hopes bill 10 will pass as it will create a legal framework for women and youth participation in governance issues apart from addressing many other constitutional issues.

“I want Bill 10 to be enacted. I will tell them the plane has already reached Kabwe and it cannot come back, you were late at the airport” Mr. Kabimba said when asked how he would respond if he was justice minister to those calling for the withdrawal of the Bill.

He explained that currently there is no legal framework to support youth and women adoption in various political parties and urged lawmakers to look beyond the constituencies of people who support them but also embrace divergent views.

“We are coming from a background where political parties promote male chauvinism, let’s accept it and we are also coming from a background where women are not supported by their spouses to get into parliament,” Mr. Kabimba said adding that this is the kind of political and social culture which bill 10 is trying to cure saying if that is put into the constitution it will force political parties to adopt different representatives.

He has therefore encouraged for healthy debates that are sober and devoid of insults in order to debate on principle whether someone opposes or supports any particular agenda




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