“I’ve not bought any bank or its assets, I have not been investigated by any Law Enforcement Agency”

It has come to my attention that fake news is being peddled on social media on crown TV page, The Candidates and other online media alleging that I am being investigated for a suspicious purchase of a bank together with its assets worth K300 million. I wish to state as follows;

1. I have not purchased any bank nor its assets, neither do I have the capacity to do so.

2. I am not aware of any investigations by any agency against myself.

3. I have since instructed my lawyers to commence legal proceedings against all peddlers of this misinformation.

Tasila Lungu Mwansa


  1. My Dear Propaganda in politics is real. By accepting to be the people’s mouth piece, you have to grow a thick skin otherwise you will deplet your cash in legal battles.

    I know you will be investigated but it will be preposterous for such to be executed by appointees of your Father ECL who presided over a Government of Thieves by Thieves for Thieves (kreptrocracy).


  2. Imbila ya mushi tabayasukila, the ACC simply said a former counselor, why are you linking yourself to the deal? Are you the only former counselor?

  3. Let ACC conclude with investigation then take
    The matter to court.If they fall to prove in court
    Then you have right to sue.In the mean time
    Just relax and enjoy .

  4. Tasila uzasila manje manje baby.
    You came to Zambia broke. We all know that. Before Lungu, your father became President you had no money to splurge but as soon as Lungu became President you suddenly had money.

    Kindly share with us how much you had prior to your father Chagwa becoming President and how much you have today. We The People shall know whether you stole from us or not.
    I am waiting.
    Just a few years ago, Your gardener stole $300,000 from your house. How the hell did you come across such an amount? We know how much councilors get.
    Tasila Uli na nzelu zaumambala monga tate wako Chagwa.
    We’re coming for everything you stole from us


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