By Mastone Moonze

“I saw him coming out with a Laptop bag from his house not knowing my missing daughter’s dead body was inside,” She narrates.

According to the narration by the mother to the 3 year child who was defiled and murdered by her uncle in Choma yesterday, she left the child with his brother Kent when she left for a piece of work .

The brother is a Pool player for a pool team called Chalobantu pool club of Mwapona compound.

He even told the sister to comeback fast because his team was travelling to Maamba for a game.

Kent stayed with the niece from morning till the time he decided to defile and kill her.

The sister came back in time and asked the brother if the daughter had gone to play with friends.

Kent replied “Ccita na waya kuli waliko biya lino lino awa” meaning “I don’t know where she has gone ,she was here a moment ago ”

Then her sister started looking for the daughter in the nearby houses but she couldn’t see her,then the sister asked Kent the brother why he is not going for a pool game in Maamba since she has come back as agreed.

Kent said he was going to police one of their relatives from Kalomo is arrested,that’s how he got the corpse of his niece bundled it in the Laptop bag and started his journey going to Police.

Her sister remained home waiting for her daughter to come back ,what was surprising her is the presence of all her child’s play mate but her daughter was nowhere to be seen.

Kent got the dead niece in a laptop bag and went behind Independence Stadium where he wanted to dump it.

Next to him ,came a brick moulder who confronted Kent, saying he is one of the people that defecate around that area.

Kent immediately dropped the bag that had a dead body and sat on it ,then the brick moulder said what’s in that bag ? Without responding Kent started running towards Makalanguzu market ,cars motorbikes were used to chase him until he was caught.

The police picked up the suspect and the body of the child.

Some relatives say this is not the first time defiling the niece ,last time he did it and it was swept under the carpet .

Thanks Mastone for sharing this story. Mastone is a Journalist based in Choma, Southern Province.



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