By Chilufya Tayali

I feel awful because I am lonely at home, which is why I have not been able to write anything, today. I can’t believe how quick I have gotten used to being with Queen Sheba, my new wife. Yes, she is my wife, though I have to wait for a formal handover on 20th July, 2019 by her family.

Frankly speaking…..I never imagined, I would ever fall in love with such a lovely lady. I had my idea of beauty but QS beats it by far, and much more than that, she is beautiful inside.

If you met QS, you would think she is damn and boring, especially that she has a strong Amharic accent when she is speaking English, but writes very good English with very rich vocabulary.

Might also think she is boring due to her humble demeanor, but even as I am typing this article, I am smiling to myself because the young lady is very funny and super intelligent such that, I even get intimidated.

Actually, as an African man that I am, my number one insecurity of her, is her intelligence, the ka lady can see through you and jump on you like a hawks if you try to play her. She also has a very strong intuition such that, I even fear that she would know if I cheated on her whilst I am in Zambia.

I can tell you a lot of things about her, but one thing, I am so convinced about her, is that, she loves me, otherwise she would not be fantasizing about her right now.

Some of you think you know me, but you are kidding yourselves, you know “Chilufya Tayali” of social media. Once, QS said, “If I knew you the way, those guys on social media know you, I would not have married you”

You are free to think and say whatever you want about me and this lady, however, to me, QS is a blessing from God for the many times that I have loved but ended up disappointed.

You see, I have been broken hearted a number of times and my first Heartbreak was when I was at secondary school by a girl called Lady M (in th picture).

Light skin, portable body size, long hair and intelligence in women has always been my thing, and Lady M all had that, though she was about a year ahead of me.

Though my Dad was poor, I never lacked a few Kwachas in my pockets, because, I have always been an hardworking guy, doing some manual labor such as cleaning houses, cooking, slashing, cutting edges, looking after babies, washing cars, etc.

My Dad is late, but he would have told you, that I was a son of myself, very ingenuous to look for money. I bought my first car, Toyata Cresida (in picture), when I was learning Information Processing at NIPA in 2000. With that car, I was pirating as a Taxi and that is how I survived. But that is a story for another day.

I remember on her graduation day, Lady M came to me and asked for money to help her get clothes for the night out. She promised me that, she will go with me for the night out. I gave her the money and I went home to bath.

In the evening, when I went to pick Lady M, I crushed with a car that came to pick her for the same event. I persisted to go near the car and she came out, walked up to me and kissed me, uttering words I would not even hear.

I kicked the ground in annoyance, with my body temperature so hot as if they had injected me with a dosage of hot pepper. I was boiling like hot lava.

I went home to my Dad and my young brother, without a word, my Dad could smell the annoyance, but he was not sympathetic, instead he mocked me for feeling like a hot dude at Chifubu Secondary School dating my senior. I swear, I almost punched the man, but I knew, I would not win.

Anyway, that was my first major Heartbreak, the next was with……I think I will recount the rest in my book which I will title as, “From Ethiopia with love”.

The point I am trying to make is that, I have loved and been disappointed a number of times, but I never stopped loving.

I have committed myself to most of the women I have dated, especially the last girl I dated from UNZA, who I know is reading this. She was special, but the fear of being disappointed made me run away.

Heart-breaks can be deadly, which is why I never judge those who commit suicide or kill others out of being disappointed by their loved ones.

You never know how it feels to be heart- broken unless you go through it yourself, had it not been for God’s mercy, I would be long dead right now. But thank God, you are reading my article today. I know I will achieve much more in future because my experience is so rich.

I am not saying I am innocent, I have my faults, and I take responsibility for all those I have hurt in the past. I know, I talk too much and I can kill with words, I am sorry those those I have hurt.

I am now, older and more mature, so I am a better person. I am sure I will be a great husband to QS out of the experiences and mistakes I have had in the past. Maybe this is where QS applies her intelligence to marry me, because she knows I am a man of experience who just want to settle down, love and be loved.

But the best feeling of all this is to love someone that loves you back. I am convinced QS loves me and I thank God for it.

Unlike others, she knows I have nothing but love. She does not count my political life for anything but trouble and I have to do a lot to assure her, that,politics in Zambia is not as dangerous as elsewhere.

You could be very heart broken right now, left alone in the house (with children or without), or you could have been broken before and you are finding it difficult to love again, I want to tell you to hang in there, God is seeing your suffering, one day, you will be happy, because He loves us, not matter what.

Thanks for reading my article, as soon as I get help on how to publish books I will write one on this part of my life, to appreciate God for His mercy.



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