By Hon Munsanje


I will always remember yesterday as a deadly day in my entire life. I stay just close to Roma Girls Secondary and the news of the death of the headmaster at that school broke my heart in pieces. I will always live with memories of such great people aiming at changing the society through education.

As early as 06:40hrs, Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba felt sick and was rushed to UTH for medical attention. This is a man who I have always respected and scrutinized his beneficial ideas about changing the face of Lusaka. His plans were focused on moulding Lusaka into that desired standard not once but always. At 11:40hrs, he answered God’s call and rested. Rest in Peace WILSON KALUMBA.

How will I breathe in such continuous death situations? Thomas Sipalo’s wife DOREEN SIPALO ASHANTI is late too. Thomas Sipalo AKA Difikoti is a prominent comedian and a dear friend to me. He has always been available on any emergency calls but hey, Doreen Sipalo, the wife to Thomas Sipalo is gone and late. Rest in Peace DOREEN SIPALO ASHANTI. REST IN PEACE.

It is sad also that UPND can’t take care of its members in need. This is the case of Madam Silvia Masebo who has been evacuated to South Africa for medical treatment. What I hear now is that UPND officials are busy campaigning in Chilanga sidelining the sick Masebo.

She has been evacuated to SA by government’s intervention. I thank the Government of the Republic of Zambia for considering life. They mean so much to the people of Zambia.

In 2010, Keith divorced her wife and the divorce process started way back in 2005. After the divorce was granted, Keith found refuge in the hands of Charmaine Mehl Musonda. This relationship started in 2011 up to the time when Keith murdered his security officer. This then means that Keith is not married to the purported wife that has adopted PF’s Maria Langa Phiri.

With all this said, allow me to mention that the adoption of Maria Langa by Ex-Keith’s wife doesn’t sound soup because Keith Mukata has not been consulted. If Keith could shower the adoption of Langa as Chilanga MP, let PF visit Keith in Mukobeko and bring the evidence that the people of Zambia would need rather than following Ex-Wife.

All the same, if I was in the Ex-wife’s shoes, I would too adopt Maria Langa for I wouldn’t entertain husband snatchers. There is no mistake at all but worries come in when the Ex-Wife involves Keith Mukata in her decisions.

Keith doesn’t deserve death sentence that he was given. To error is human and to forgive is divine. If guilty as court says, he (Keith) deserves Presidential pardon when time comes. I therefore, call upon the President of Zambia, His excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, with powers vested in him, to entervene in this matter and never condone two loses. We lost the security guard but not Keith Mukata too.



  1. Ba Musanje ukusabaila kulamweneshamo ubupuba, a wise person speaks because he has something to say but a stupid person speaks because he wants to say something. Is Keith a woman? Why should Keith not be sentenced to death like any Zambian if indeed he commuted murder? Do you have evidence that Sylvia has been flown out by the masquerades? Fimo muleikala fye ukucila ukubwata bwata kwati nimwe bene Ba Kabwata.


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