Dear Editor,

I wont mention her name but im sure the public know her big time.

She is one of those girls showing a high life profile but all what she does is meeting married people and single guys for s*x.

I mean her having s*x with these useless men is not my issue, my problem is that she want to drain my husband a k3,000 just for s*x.

My husband is so broke,and he is HIV positive. He does not work but i support him. I have been by his side all the time.

He drives a good vehicle because i bought it for him. We have been married for six years but i feel betrayed now.

Im negative, but i made sure that i support him in which ever way i can. Now he is paying me with such?

I’m kicking him out of my house and taking my car. Now i dont know who will adopt him.

I dont want him to die out of loneliness. Will i be wrong if i kick him out before i beat him up.

Help people.


  1. Simple issue madam. . .stop giving him money, start charging him rent for staying in your house. Get the car and tell him if he wants to use it you charge him like one of those expensive taxis from Inters or Pamodzi!


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