Kelvin Bwalya Fube


I NEVER applied to be secretary general of the PF; I declined the offer from Ba (Michael) Sata, Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has said.

And Fube has declined to comment on PF secretary general Davies Mwila’s summon to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee, saying he has not yet received a letter.

Dispelling assertions that his critical stance on the PF government is a result of his frustrations after he was not appointed party secretary general, Fube yesterday said for a good reason, he declined to take up that position after Wynter Kabimba was sacked by president Michael Sata in 2014.

He said those saying he was frustrated did not know the history of the Patriotic Front as much as he did.

“As for being frustrated…I never applied to be secretary general of the PF. I was offered to be SG after Ba Sata fired Wynter Kabimba. I declined because it would have meant the then president and myself coming [from] the same province. Jackson Kungo does not know the history of the PF as I do. Tell him to ask around. It was after I declined that appointment…with good reason that ECL [Edgar Chagwa Lungu] was made Secretary General. That is the real history,” Fube said. “The North-Western Province chairman is my young brother…he knows me very well. I just feel sorry for him that he thinks he can fight me. I refuse to engage him. He is not my enemy.”

And Fube declined to comment on his summon to the PF disciplinary committee.

He said he has not yet received a letter to that effect and would not preempt the matter.

“I have not received the letter yet so I have no comment. Wait until I get the letter…never cross the bridge before you get there; patience,” said Fube.
On Saturday, Mwila said he had written Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba and Fube, the former party deputy chairperson for elections, to exculpate themselves within two weeks.
The duo has been requested to appear before the disciplinary committee for gross misconduct.
Mwila said the duo had two weeks to exculpate itself while the verdict would be passed in December.

But Kalaba said he would only exculpate himself when the price of fuel reduces and if Mwila assures him that the standard of living for Zambians would improve.

In the absence of his demands, Kalaba told Mwila not to waste his time the way he did for the people of Chipili.

However, the PF, through media director Sunday Chanda, said “every association of people – whether it be a home, club or institution has rules and guidelines by which those that associate with it abide”.

He demanded that Kalaba resigns from the ruling party.

“Sadly, Mr. Kalaba’s response has been less than honourable. His belligerent attitude defies logic. Mr Kalaba should stop playing games and respond to charges of indiscipline.
Principle and morality demands that he resigns from PF if he is unwilling to exculpate himself,” stated Chanda.
“Mr Kalaba thinks he is too big for the PF or any kind of authority. He is being very hypocritical. He preaches decency, yet he is a man puffed up with the corrupt leaven of pride, insolence and misplaced arrogance.
The people of Bahati voted for him out of their love for the Patriotic Front. Their vote was primarily an endorsement for PF and he just happened to be the candidate selected by the party to stand on its platform. Why is he betraying the people of Bahati?”




  1. I thought Chanda is the one who is corrupt. He has so easily forgotten about the Social Cash Transfer which his brother and himself were mentioned.


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